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25 Thought Provoking Questions for an Essay on Man Paper

25 Thought Provoking Questions for an Essay on Man Paper

When you’re assigned a paper based on “An essay on Man” by Alexander Pope, you may need some help with the choice of a topic. That’s why the following thought provoking questions for your Essay on Man paper can save you plenty of time and nerves.

Essay on Man Study Questions

  1. How does the structure of the poem help the author develop the main ideas?
  2. What is the meaning and role of the epigraph?
  3. How perfect is a man, according to the poem? What are the main imperfections?
  4. What is Pope’s answer on why a man was formed so weak and limited?
  5. How does the author represent the universe – as democratic equality or unequal hierarchy?
  6. Is ignorance the same as innocence? Can it be an advantage?
  7. Is one of the central ideas of the poem ‘Whatever is, is right’ helpful or dangerous to people facing the imperfections of life?
  8. What are the main ‘modes of self-love’ discussed by Pope?
  9. Why is the man’s attempt to gain more knowledge represented as sinful?
  10. What is the relationship between ignorance of future events and a man’s happiness?
  11. Why can man understand only half truths?
  12. What are the main ideas that Pope borrowed from other authors (it’s called allusions)?
  13. What was Pope’s main goal in writing an Essay on Man?
  14. In what ways does a man serve God, according to Pope?
  15. How would you interpret Pope’s idea of ‘Chain of Being’?

Essay on Man Interesting Topics

  1. A civilized man vs. an Indian – who is advantaged by the author?
  2. What are Pope’s ideas of the future and hope?
  3. What are the author’s recommendations for the human beings?
  4. Why can self-love and reason be either good or evil?
  5. What is true self love and how is it different from other modes of self love?
  6. Do you agree that a man’s happiness is not an individual, but a social truth?
  7. How does Pope explain the origins of religion and government? Is his argumentation biblical?
  8. What is the attitude towards God demonstrated by the author?
  9. How does the author define the ways of God to a man?
  10. How does the unity of structure and theme influence the reader’s perception of Essay on Man?

Have you picked some topics for your paper? Or, would you like to add some ideas to this list?

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