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An Overview Of The Nilgiri Adventure Tourism Essay

An Overview Of The Nilgiri Adventure Tourism Essay

The Nilgiri Adventure:

Stunningly placed at the junction of the Western and Eastern Ghats, Nilgiri is popularly known as the “Blue Mountains”. Nilgiri Hills are well adjusted with the Western Ghats which draws out to Mumbai. It is one of the oldest mountain ranges, set on different elevations ranging from 2,500 m to 2,600 m above sea level. Hills of Nilgiri provide excellent opportunity to the trekkers all the year.

A home to three most popular hill stations such as Coonoor, Kotagiri and Ooty, Nilgiri is the perfect base for hiking with exciting hikes into the mountains. You will trail through the thick shoal forests, coffee plants, rolling pastures, lush green fields and glittering waterfalls. Crystal clear lakes add charm to the surrounding of Nilgiri hills and the trek routes become more enjoyable. Number of trek routes waits for the novice trekkers too.

Explore the isolated fauna that has acquired a number of unusual species and sub species. Nilgiri is also a home to Toda people. A tribe of Toda people has been living here for ages. Carve silver jewelry, black and white embroidered shawls are the main attractions and quite popular amongst visitors.

Its location and edges:

Located high above the sea level at the junction of the two Ghat arrays of the Sahayadri Hills, Nilgiri district offers an exciting sight of the places around. You can find Kerala on the west, on the north there is Mysore and in east, you will find Coimbtore. Headquarters of Nilgiri district is Udhagamandalam, also called as Ooty.

The charm of Nilgiri:

The setting and the pristine ambience of Nilgiri Hills will leave you speechless. It has derived its beauty from its natural background. Weather and the temperature increase the attractiveness of this whole region. Tea gardens are worth exploring, and speechless! Tea plants grow mostly in the regions of South. The picturesque and beautiful vales are reached after crossing steep hills with several rivers and streamlets which flow in all directions. Entrancing waterfalls here provide pleasant scenery!

Wildlife Adventure

Nilgiri region is a wildlife paradise for all the tourists. A part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary boasts of abundant vegetation. Thick and dense forests form it the most famous and attractive wildlife reserves. Wildlife includes Gaur, Common langur, Elephants, Banner, Tigers, Chital, Leopards, Python, Sloth bear etc. Rich flora includes teak and Bamboos. You can get facility of lion or tiger safari inside the park.


Trekking or hiking can be the best way to venture through the thick and dense woods of teak and rhododendron. Pay a visit to the isolated places and explore the unlike rural and culture diversities. The wildlife sanctuary is abundant with its flora and fauna. You need to be physically fit, as trekking in this region really challenging. Besides, trekking, fishing and angling can be enjoyed to the fullest. Trekking in Nilgiri Hills is done with trekking gears and enjoy with an adrenaline rush! The best time for trekking in Nilgiri hills is from January and March.

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