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Arguments for Banning AR 15 Guns

Arguments for Banning AR 15 Guns

America has been riddled of many school shootings over the past years and has been a epidemic that need to be stopped. One of the many school shootings that sparked many arguments, whether the sporting rifle should be banned to the public or not. After the many shootings that has happened over the years, many protest and argue that the weapon should be banned and obviously there is an opposing side that argues that rifle should not be banned due to the fact that its the “persons” fault for using such weapon to cause mayhem to people. One article tackles the concept that ARs should be banned or have harder backgrounds checks and have heavy regulations to the rifle in the state. The article is from the New York Times and is called “In Wake of the of Florida Massacre, Gun Control Advocates Look to Connecticut”. Another article tackles the difference between a handgun injury to an AR 15 injury. It speaks about the major difference between the two firearms and how the AR 15 is far more deadly than a regular handgun. This article aims to target why this weapon should be banned and covers more about the topic in the article. The article is from The Atlantic and is called “What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns”.  This essay will be about the two articles talking about the same topic, which is the AR 15 ban in the states, but how different there approach is to the topic.

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When it comes to articles such as journalistic or academic articles, the wording will fit the narrative on what the article is trying to imply depending on the readers. Journalistic articles tend to inform the reader what is the topic about and speak on the basics of the article. Academic articles tend speak on a topic that the reader already knows about. A quote I can use as an example from a journalistic article talking about AR15 bans is from a article called from the New York Times,“In Wake of Florida Massacre, Gun Control Advocates Look to Connecticut”, the quote is, “They largely succeeded — significantly expanding an existing ban on the sale of assault weapons, prohibiting the sale of magazines with more than 10 rounds and requiring the registration of existing assault rifles and higher-capacity magazines.”(Foderaro) This piece of info from the article states that assault weapons, for example, an AR 15 will hold 10 rounds in a magazine and more restrictions to the rifle. This quote was specifically chosen because, just like this quote, the article speaks upon the predicament of assault rifles being a threat to the public. The U.S has a history of assault rifles being the main reason shootings happen and how people get killed in these shootings. So in this article it talks about the many shootings that happen and what states as a whole are trying to do to prevent from any of these shootings to happen again . The information being given in the article is mostly explaining to the general public what is happening  and what is going to take place with the new laws. It is simply informing the readers in the article what is happening.

In academic articles, most of the wording tend to be unknown to the average reader trying to understand a topic they know nothing about. People who are well informed on the topic will understand what the article is trying to say. An example based an AR 15 control from an academic article is  from The Atlantic and the quote it contains from it is, “A typical AR-15 bullet leaves the barrel traveling almost three times faster than—and imparting more than three times the energy of—a typical 9mm bullet from a handgun.” (Sher) I chose this quote specifically because people who aren’t familiar of guns and how much damage they do compared to the another, the average reader will become confused in what the article is trying to say. Someone who will understand the article are people who are gun enthusiasts and people who know about guns in politics. When it comes to both articles, the audience can tell the difference between a scholarly article and a simple journalistic article depending on how the wording is described in the article. Some definitions in academic articles can be very difficult to understand if the reader doesn’t have knowledge on the topic. It is important to know the topic before reading a academic article regarding the topic a reader would like to know about. Compared to both articles that have been mentioned, the obvious choice readers will go for is the academic article because of how much information is put into the article. Although readers will choose a reliable journalistic article because it is easier to read. For this topic, both articles have a different approach the topic, they both make sense to what the main topic is about.

In both articles, whether it is a journalistic or a academic article , it is important to know whether the articles are believable or not. Mostly journalistic articles, anyone can make an article on a topic but the author can be easily be biased to a topic they choose to write about. It is important to know which website is credible to know what to look up and get accurate information from. On the other hand, academic articles tend to be very accurate on the topic of choice and readers tend to be more invested in academic articles when researching a topic. The only problem academic articles can have is how difficult it can be to read the article. Most people who read an academic article tend to know the topic but for the average readers trying to know a topic is going to be confused by the wording of the article. Most academic articles can be published by big companies who are experts in the topic. People will see that and have better understanding in what the topic will speak about and how the information will be reliable.

For example, The Atlantic is known for having many academic articles based on news, politics, culture, technology and health. Many of its authors or publishers are all reliable in what they do. In the Atlantic article, the author is a radiologist in Davie, Florida who is affiliated with many hospitals in the area. She has enough credibility to write an academic article based around the field she works in because of how much knowledge she knows. For the journalistic articles, it is also important that the author is credible as well and informative about any given topic that they are assigned to write about. The authors that wrote the journalistic article for the New York Times is Lisa W. Foderado and Kristin Hussey. Compared to the author from The Atlantic, these two journalists are assigned in different roles to research and find out about certain places and events to write about for the New York Times and inform the people about these events. The author Lisa W. Foderado covers regional politics for the New York Times and Kristin Hussey covers the same subject as well.

From the two articles and the two different authors, many readers can tell the difference from the two and how the two different articles address the topic. In the academic article, many words are used to describe what the author is trying to say in an academic way and uses no sources but only the author’s own words in what she is trying to say. For example, in the article she states, “ Years ago I saw one from a man shot in the back by a swat team. The injury along the path of the bullet from an AR-15 is vastly different from a low-velocity handgun injury. The bullet from an AR-15 passes through the body like a cigarette boat traveling at maximum speed through a tiny canal.”(Sher) In this quote, the author directly uses herself as evidence in what she encountered with the difference between small firearms and large firearms. Since the author is a radiologist, she has has the right to speak upon why large firearms cause more damage to the human body other than small firearms which does not cause as much damage. What academic articles tend to do is go straight to the point when it comes to topics that need to be informed directly and use sources straight from source which is usually the author or a corporation writing a article based on what they know best. Just like how this author used herself as a source when going over firearms and how they deal damage to the human body.

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In journalistic articles, authors will tend to make articles based on their area of expertise and do the research necessary to inform the readers in what is going on and keep them up to date with what is happening around what the author is known to do. This journalistic article is mainly about what is being reported and how the things that are taking place relates back to the topic. In the New York Times article, “In Wake of Florida Massacre, Gun Control Advocates Look to Connecticut”, the journalist writes about the Florida shooting that has happened and how another state like connecticut, which suffered a mass shooting as well, will take into effect regarding gun control and how they will react. The journalist, Lisa W. Foderaro, uses sources to make her research credible for the reader and also informative to keep the reader knowledgeable about the topic. It’s also important to know whether the journalist is credible or not to report on these topics that they are assigned to do and also to check if the corporation they work for is credible as well. New York Times is a place where journalistic articles are hardly biased and always report on what needs to be reported on, which most of these articles are credible because of the author and who they are. An example that journalistic articles use sources from credible sources is from the article “In Wake of Florida Massacre, Gun Control Advocates Look to Connecticut”, “Analyses by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence show that, with few exceptions, states with the strictest gun-control measures, including California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, have the lowest rates of gun deaths, while those with the most lax laws like Alabama, Alaska and Louisiana, have the highest.”(Foderaro) From this quote, the author uses Griffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence as a reference to show that strict gun laws in different states have the lowest rates of gun rates while the other states who have loose gun laws have the highest. With the this reference it clearly shows that the author uses credible sources that are unbiased to the topic and make the readers understand the topic more.

From the two articles, academic and journalistic articles have a different way of explaining details on a topic even if it is revolved around the same topic . Academic articles will have a impact to the readers that they already know what the author is writing about and have a higher understanding in what the author is trying to say about in the topic based on their own expertise . Readers will also trust the article because of how highly intelligent the author is on the topic as well. With journalistic articles, the author well credit other sources that are credible and use that to write about the topic they were assigned. It also helps the reader to know who the author works for as well. The reader wouldn’t want a author from a biased source such as Prison Planet to write a article based on a mass shooting. So having a author work for a corporation that is unbiased will help the reader learn about the topic from a better view. While both academic and journalistic articles maybe different informational wise, they both serve a purpose to inform the readers in a different perspective to learn more about the subject.

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