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Beneficial Aspects of Child Beauty Pageants

Beneficial Aspects of Child Beauty Pageants

Walk out. All these lights hit you, you feel like you could throw up everything in your in your stomach; Then you begin your walk and you knees shake a little like a baby deer trying to walk for the first time, but then you begin to relax and feel as if you just came off an episode of Project Runway. Beauty Pageants will do just that. Doing these from a young age will help oneself to have self-love, give the comfort of being in front of people, and to break down the stereotypical “cookie-cutter” pageant girl.

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In the society we all live in today young people’s self-image is being crushed by the models they see on social media and by how people treat others who are different from them. In America today, over seventy percent of girls ranging in age from 15-17 avoid attending normal every-day activities when they do not feel good about the way they look. Everyone has their own ideas of what they consider to be beautiful. For some its size two with bleach blonde hair, for others it is size twenty-two with brown hair. For example, Victoria’s secret has lacked on carrying any size higher than an extra-large (which equals to about a size 16.) The brand announced a few months ago that model Tess Holliday will become the first plus size model. Also, having low self-esteem is a thinking disorder; Which means the way we talk to ourselves is just as important on how we talk to others. Low self-esteem can lead to eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. Allowing your child to participate in beauty competitions will help them in preventing these problems later in life.

Beauty pageants give oneself the comfort of being in front of people. Majority of people are terrified to get in front of large crowds and with beauty pageants this is a major thing you must get used to. In pageants you must walk, talk, and maintain a smile while being in front of these large crowds. In America today almost seventy-three percent of Americans are scared to speak in front of people. The underlying fear of public speaking is the fear of being judged by your audience. In pageants you are not perhaps being judged but critiqued on what you can do better.  Another fear while speaking is a brain freeze, which is when you lose your train of thought and your mind goes completely blank. For example, a study back in 2014 showed that forty-one percent of people feared speaking in public and only nineteen percent of people feared dying. Being in pageants will help oneself slowly overcome this fear. During pageants there is often a on stage question portion where the contestant will choose a random question and answer it, so you do not have time to freeze or blank space. This is the best way to overcome the fear of talking in front of people; You must think on your feet and speak clearly and confidently with your answer. Overcoming this fear is a hard thing to do, but if you are on stage with your hair done beautifully, your best smile, and a gorgeous gown it will make it easier.

In the pageant world, not every pageant is like an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras; where the girls are screaming and throwing tantrums because they did not get the big crown and trophy. By doing these pageants, you are putting yourself out there and going “this is me” and I love me some me. Young people who get out on stage who are “different” are getting out and breaking down the stereotype that people have surrounding beauty pageants. A stereotype is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a person or thing. In the U.S. each year nearly 2.5 million girls compete in beauty competitions. For young people who deem themselves to not be pageant material, these competitions will help break them out of their shells and prove that everybody is different in their own way. For some people the stereotypical pageant girl is blonde hair, blue eyes, and a small waist. For example, a study was taken in 2015, the average height of a Miss America contestant is 5’6 and the average weight is 121. These statistics do not define how pretty or beautiful someone is. These are just numbers, who says the next Miss America can not be 5’11? Who says the next Miss America can not be 200 pounds? Numbers or statistics do not tell someone what they can and can not do. Young people’s need to learn this, because if we let small things like numbers stop us from doing something small like a pageant, imagine what would happen if we let something big affect us like not thinking we’re smart enough to go to college so we just do not go. For example, supermodel Ashley Graham was backstage at the Miss USA in 2017 and she demanded that there be more body diversity in the competition, then a young woman by the name of Rachel Froug competed in about one-hundred and twenty Georgia based pageants all her life. She did not think of herself as a “plus size” or “curvy” girl until she got into her teen years. She said that “The standards are high in general. The standards are even higher for curvier woman or woman of different color.”

Allowing your child to participate in pageants from a young age will help teach oneself self-love, give comfort to be in front of crowds, and to break down the stereotypical “cookie-cutter” pageant girl. All of these things are good qualities and traits to have to be able to stick out and be different in today’s society where everybody wants you to be the same as the person to the left and right of you.

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