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Benefits of Having a Shared Mission and Vision

Benefits of Having a Shared Mission and Vision

Destiny found in Shared Vision

There is a manuscript, a set of scrolls that date back to the beginning of time that states two invaluable teleological leadership lessons regarding shared vision. King Solomon summarized it simply in Proverbs 29:18 without vision people parish, and in the late 7th century BC, Habakkuk (2:2) states, write the vision and make it plain. The summary of these statements are clear; write the vision and share it with the people in order that their hopeful participation will prevent them from perishing. Learner today will define the concept and purpose of Shared Vision including the impact or personal and organizational discipline. Learner offers two compelling examples of shared vision in action organization, staff and customers in a learning organization. Finally, learner will articulate the value of shared vision, and how it impact on stated organization’s ability to develop its mission promise, vision, and values to customers and stakeholders when orchestrated in alignment with the shared vision. Learner will conclude with a few compelling questions concerning shared vision that may address some of the growing issues of commitment verses compliance to organizational structure.

Shared Vision Fact or Fallacy

Many have thrown in their ideas concerning shared vision beginning with Bernard Bass in 1980’s to his stirring report on shared vision resulting from Transactional Leadership in 1990. Covey, Senge, and Stroh have much to say in defining Shared Vision. Covey (1994, p.105) conveys two primal ideas influencing the power of shared vision is in the  passion to empower and to transcend fear, doubt and discouragement into a new and more purposeful state through creative imagination and  broad expectations. Senge (2006, p. 194) states a learning organization without a shared vision can never pull towards a goal that they desire if they lack courage. While Stroh’s Four Step Change Process has a significant influence in Shared Vision in energy, focus,

and momentum. Learner will collectively define Shared Vision as collective efforts, focus, energy, creativity, innovation within an organization working together for an evolving , living fulfilling goal that all contribute towards accomplishing through which all  participants at every level grow and benefit from their willing  participation . Sandy Austin (2018) suggest that in shared vision teams must put leadership modeling into action, this includes knowing the shared vision leaders ship traits and characteristics and their organizational impact, and how to improve skill to be more organizationally effective.

Shared Vision In Action

 Lussier and Achua (2016, p. 321-333) expresses shared vision as a divine gift of a charismatic and transcending the ability to capture the attention, skills, abilities and focus imagination differently and better that drives momentum to achieve greatness. These two organizations considerably have two of the arguably most difficult jobs to accomplish. Everest University encourages the applicant to incur student loan debt for a new life through one of the diploma or degree programs. While JAM Solutions requires a client to open up their personal, and or financial life or organization, for reorganization or total make over. These two entities shared four value drivers in common within its organization, and their customers that proved essential to buy in, and fulfillment. These are integrity at all cost, honest and clear communication, Customer First efforts, and to always operate in the scope of the law and rules.

Everest University (ZEG/CCI) JAM Solutions USA
Shared Vision and Mission Statement Shared Vision and Mission Statement
Is to Change Student Lives for the Better  “We Get It,” the Solutions to meet the NEADS ™ that you desire and deserve.
Intrinsic: Teams and team members have the opportunity to truly impact and influence and encourage personal growth in the perspective applicant, student, and potential graduate.  Intrinsic: Every entity within the organization gets to walk in the shoes of the great helper. Daily Motivated and being a motivator, and  utilizing motivational and teambuilding tools to lift the client from despair
Extrinsic: Dream building on a brighter future by starting a better today through education and increased new skills. Reps get to aid, observe, and evolve personally and professionally. Extrinsic: Consultant or staff member focuses on primary need for the contact i.e. money management, planning, ect. This ensures the client, we are working to meet there real needs), the main reason for client’s contact.

This Shared vision is charismatic and transformational striking a fire that ignites the followers, by changing the status quo or previous failures that have held the organization back. The accomplishment of this requires great trust and discipline on behalf of management, staff, customers, and stakeholders.

Impact and Value of Shared Vision

Shared Vision infuses and empowers staff to work towards a collective goal contributing in many forms, which never minimizes their individual contributions toward the shared vision also called organizational goal. Learner examines both above stated scenarios to demonstrate the impact and value of shared vision. One invaluable component of shared vision is it supports and fulfills the equity, liquidity, profitability, and return of investment concerns of shareholders and board of directors. At Everest University “Changing Lives” cannot be a motto on the walls of the building without meaning.  It takes commitment, courage, integrity, truthfulness, and confidence in the product, purpose, promise, and outcomes at every level for the students, instructors, employees, and administrators  The impact begins at enrollment and ends with referrals and gamefull employment, with a life whose course changed as a result of enrollment conversation.

Conversely, at JAM Solutions organizations or individuals are experiencing difficulties in their operational lives. They rely on the promise “We Get It,” the creative solutions and innovations need to turn away the condition of their current state situation. There is a compelling necessity for each entity within the organization to be fully in alignment and  take control of these situations with commitment, focus, vigor to respond with humility, and purpose to exceed the goals of client and organization.


Senge (2006, p. 192) suggest that shared vision is vital for learning organizations to capture energy, focus, momentum, and growth to gain complete buy-in buy in staff and customers to exceed specified deliverables. Jim Collins (2001, p.175-176) expresses in the formula of the momentum of the flywheel verses the doom loop. The flywheel represents new direction, buy-in, understanding their purpose and value momentum and acquisition or growth towards ever evolving development. Shared Vision bridges the gap between the seeming once impossible to a new state of awareness, ability, and expectation excellence.


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