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Case Study Research Design and Methods

Case Study Research Design and Methods

Case Study Research Design and Methods

One of the most important, and most challenging, aspects of the case study is knowing how to go about doing it, what the parameters are for conducting your research and analysis, where to go and what to do with your results. It’s a very complicated and intricate thing, and this is compounded by the fact that every case study will have different requirements for each. When it comes to case study research design and methods, it’s all about knowing which ones are best suited for the task at hand, and here are some tips on case study research.

Tips on Case Study Research Design and Methods

  • The sources of your research will likely be set forth by the teacher or administrator at hand, but you can often feel free to use books and peer reviewed academic sources, as well as magazines and publications.
  • The primary aim and goal of your research should be about identifying documents and things which are relevant and discount that which isn’t. This is important because if you leave out any single factor which is relevant then holes could be poked in your argument, whereas if you include documents which are irrelevant you’re only convoluting your case study.
  • You need to make sure that all your sources are not only consummately reliable, but that they’re all directly useful to your point somehow. The communication aspect of how to write a business case study is what people most commonly struggle with, it’s about being as effective with each word and sentence as you can.

Professional Help with Case Study Design and Research

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