Conssumption Reduction Project

Objectives and the plan for the project Future goal of the whole facility is to minimize or completely exclude the human factor. However, it will be hardly possible to completely exclude human factor, there is still a need for manual labour work and it will stay like that for quite some time. Facility is in … Read More»

Project and Financial Management

DBN609 – Project and Financial Management Assignment 1 Table of Contents Section 1 Importance of having project manager Two major challenges faced Two fundamental responsibilities of the project manager Proposed leadership style Section 2 1. Draw the complete task network diagram 2. Calculate earliest start time, latest start time, earliest finish time, latest finish time and slack … Read More»

Relationship Between Project Management and Company Performance

Analytical Approach towards the relationship between Project Management and Company Performance Abstract The report has identified that Customer Satisfaction Score, Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score are the current industry standards used for measuring company performance from the customer satisfaction perspective. Amazon, United Health Group and US Group have been measuring customer value using … Read More»

Soft Skills of Project Management

Abstract Soft Skills are winding up increasingly more recognized as urgent to a definitive achievement of projects. Project management is one of the regions of business management, where a project manager has the sole duty to deal with the project successfully. Along these lines, the project manager needs various skills to deal with the project. … Read More»

Challenges of Global Virtual Project

CHALLENGES OF GLOBAL VIRTUAL PROJECT Introduction A few innovative and business factors have added to the rise of worldwide virtual groups. To begin with, disseminated work gatherings, for example, worldwide virtual groups, are made conceivable by propels in electronic systems that permit different types of correspondence (e.g., electronic mail, talk rooms, and so on.) between … Read More»

Planning and Communication Required for Project Management

1         Introduction According to PMI, “a project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique produce, service, or result” (PMBOK® GUIDE, 2017). Helping an organisation reach its strategical objectives is a key reason why project is applied. A project is carried out by an organisation to not only solve its business challenges but also master … Read More»

Bidding for Event Management

Background/Context Western Australian Football League (WAFL) was first established in 1885 and is based in Perth, Western Australia. WAFL is partnered with the seven network and sponsored by McDonalds. WAFL currently has nine teams competing in a 24 rounds season which commences in March and concludes in September each year. The 2017 grand final will … Read More»

Project Management for Business Charity Race

1. Introduction In this individual project management assignment, I have been appointed a project manager in charge of organizing and planning a project for StarHub company. StarHub company is going to have a fund raising event for a charity organization in Singapore by organizing a half marathon race of 13.1 miles distance (about 21 km). … Read More»

Work-integrated Learning (WIL) Project Management Plan

Table of Contents (Jump to) Executive Summary Introduction Background of the project Intended audiences of the project Contents of the major sections of the PMP Conclusions Recommendations   Executive Summary This assignment covered the project management plan of the national WIL portal project. University of Victoria in Australia is the sponsor of the national WIL … Read More»

Planned Preventative Maintenance Essay

Assessing the implementation of a Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme for Strategic Estate Planning. In order to understand the implementation of a planned preventative maintenance programme for estate planning, one will first need to understand the practice of condition surveys and the meaning attached to the concept. The Audit Commission (1988), with regard to condition surveys … Read More»

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