Development of the Christian Personality: Theories

Christian Personality Development: From the Womb to the Tomb Michelle L. Stelly Abstract Research done using various peer-reviewed journal articles, a theory of personality based on Christianity is proposed. Research has shown that all development, including personality, is influenced even prior to conception based on how the future mother takes care of herself prior to … Read More»

Pendahuluan – Malaysia merupakan sebuah negara yang

1.0 Pendahuluan *Pendahuluan {Englsh Translation – Preliminary} similar to Pengenalan {Englsh Translation: Introduction} Read this essay in English here > Malaysia merupakan sebuah negara yang terdiri daripada lebih 200 kumpulan etnik. Antaranya ialah Melayu, Cina, India, Kadazan-Dusun, Iban dan lain-lain. Dengan penduduk yang pelbagai budaya ini, perpaduan etnik atau sebaliknya sentiasa menjadi agenda dalam pengurusan masyarakat dan pemerintahan negara ini. … Read More»

Changes to Religious Conversion

How have the ideas of conversion changed over time? Remember to write what conversion is n (this is for me) Conversion has been affected overtime due to many avenues that I will be discussing through this essay. ‘The Conversion of Europe’ is concerned about the conversion of the mass which differs from modern conversions such … Read More»

Relationship Between Buddhism and Politics

Power, Politics, and Buddhism Religion and politics are considered by some, like the founders of the United States, items that should remain separate. But try as anyone might as long as people believe in religions their personal beliefs in these religions will always help shape their decision making processes. Buddhism is no different and specifically … Read More»

Hinduism Practices and Beliefs

A Glimpse into the Unfamiliar: Hinduism Hinduism is a religion that is multi-faceted. It is polytheistic; meaning its followers believe in many gods. Along with this religions many facets, there are also numerous sacred elements that its followers observe and practice. This religion even entails followers worshipping different gods (idols), during the same worship service. Because of … Read More»

Paul Tillich: Dynamics of Faith | Summary and Analysis

Paul Tillich In this essay I will be discussing my view of Paul Tillich’s theory of religion based upon his book “Dynamics of Faith.” I will give examples from his text that support my view. The very title “Dynamics of Faith” leads to the question, what is faith? Faith can hold many meanings, especially when … Read More»

Huckleberry Finn: Themes of Religion

Theme of Religion in Huckleberry Finn Relating to today’s Society In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain makes a satire of some characters’ absolute faith in religion compared to other characters’ doubt that such beliefs are for real. Miss Watson and Widow Douglas both believe that heaven “good place” exists and they explain to Huckleberry … Read More»

Millennial Relationships to Religion

Millennials and Religion: The Nones Generation To endeavor to see how the generation of Nones and Millennials influence the church in the United States today, it will be useful to glance back at how religion in the public eye has changed in our country’s history.  Martin E. Marty, an American Lutheran religious researcher who has composed … Read More»

Rights of Transgender Americans: Religion and the State

The Rights of Transgender Americans: An Examination of the Conflict between Religion and the State Research question: How and to what extent do religiously conservative actors influence state policies that discriminate against the rights of transgender people in the United States today? In the United States, most trans people face discrimination in the workplace, courts, … Read More»

Role of Ecumenical Councils in the History of Christianity

The Role of Ecumenical Councils in the History of Christianity The first seven Ecumenical Councils were attempts of church leaders to come to agreements on orthodoxy. The first seven Ecumenical Councils, specifically the Councils of Nicaea and Chalcedon, shaped the basic beliefs of Christianity and act as long-standing examples of theological discussions that promote unity. They were … Read More»

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