Determination of Nickel in Steel by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

    A plot of Absorbances Vs Ni concentrations (ppm) The statistical values of the mean      and standard deviation S of the Nickel standards and corresponding absorbance can be calculated from the expressions; The above data give,  =  Concentrations = 12         S concentrations = 6.32      absorbance =     0.44    S absorbance = 0.2 Absorbance of Nickel in the unknown sample was obtained to be 0.565. … Read More»

Low-temperature Solution Processed Ternary Chalcogenide Halide Solar Cells

Low-temperature solution processed ternary chalcogenide halide solar cells Contents Title                        Page Abstract           3 1. Introduction           4 1.1  Solar cells          4 1.2  Perovskite solar cells         5 1.2.1        Crystal structure        7 1.2.2        Evolution of perovskite solar cells      8 1.2.3        Challenges and Issues        10 1.2.4        Alternate materials        11 2        Research objective         13 3        Experimental          16 3.1  Chemicals & materials         16 3.2  Synthesis          16 3.2.1        Synthesis of chalcogenide complexes      16 3.2.2        Synthesis … Read More»

Applications of Metagenomics to Medicine

Introduction to Metagenomics What is Metagenomics? Genomics is the interdisciplinary field of science focusing on structure, function, evolution, mapping, and editing of genes. Historically, microbial genomics involved the isolation of microbes for genetic analysis through culturing methods to identify the genetic profile of species within a given sample. In recent years, Metagenomics has risen as a … Read More»

Study Translation Regulation in Poxvirus-Infected Cells

TITLE: In-Vitro Transcribed RNA-based Luciferase Reporter Assay to Study Translation Regulation in Poxvirus-Infected Cells     KEYWORDS: In-Vitro Transcription, Luciferase assay, Vaccinia virus, Poxvirus, Translation, 5’-UTR, 5’-poly(A) leader SUMMARY: In-Vitro Transcribed (IVT) RNA-based luciferase reporter assay enables studying the regulation of mRNA translation in poxvirus-infected cells. The assay can be used to study the translation regulated by cis-elements present … Read More»

Radiation Therapy Personal Dosage and Linear Acceleration

Radiation Therapy Personal Dosage and Linear Acceleration Introduction: Medicine is evolving to combat various disease and conditions.  The second highest cause of death is cancer.  Cancer is defined as a growth of an abnormal cells that forms a tumor.  Cancer can form almost anywhere in the body such as the digestive systems, the blood vessels, … Read More»

Biomimicry of Structural Color Applied to Textile

Biomimicry of structural color applied totextile Project Proposal   Content 1            INTRODUCTION 1.1              AIM 1.2              OBJECTIVE 2                LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1              NATURAL STRUCTURAL COLOR 2.1.1                    THIN FILM INTERFERENCE 2.1.2                    MULTILAYER INTERFERENCE 2.1.3                    DIFFRACTION GRATRING 2.1.4                    LIGHT SCATTERING 2.1.5                    PHONTONIC CRYSTAL 2.2              THE COLOR IN NATURE 2.3              METHODOLOGY OF BIOMIMICRY 2.4              CHOLESTERIC LIQUID CRYSTAL 2.4.1                    LIQUID CRYSTAL 2.4.2                    … Read More»

Study of Natural Products on Antibacterial Activity and Biofilm Eradication Activity

The structure-activity relationships study of natural products on antibacterial activity and biofilm eradication activity Antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats to human health. Chronic infections and recurring bacterial infections are caused by the increasing resistance to antibiotic. The formation of biofilm is one of the reasons that cause tolerance to antibiotics. In this … Read More»

Trueness and Precision of Die Spacer Thickness of Zirconia Single Crown

Trueness and precision of die spacer thickness of zirconia single crown made by CAD/CAM milling technology   ABSTRACT Statement of Problem. There is an inability to control die spacer thickness, which has been reported in the literature. In addition, information on the congruency between the computer aided design parameters for die spacer thickness and milling technology … Read More»

SRH Analog-Containing E. Coli as a Novel Therapeutic Against Bacterial Infection

SRH Analog-Containing E. Coli as a Novel Therapeutic Against Bacterial Infection   Introduction, Significance, and Impact Bacteria do not operate in isolation; in the past two decades, researchers have discovered the mechanism of quorum sensing, a process by which bacteria can communicate with each other. Essentially, bacteria utilize a range of signaling molecules that they can “eject” … Read More»

Analysis of Salivary Oestradiol, Progesterone & Testosterone by ELISA

Analysis of Salivary Oestradiol, Progesterone & Testosterone by ELISA Summary   Sex-related differences in salivary oestradiol, progesterone, and testosterone were investigated Testosterone was higher in males (830.05 ± 102.02 pmol/L) than females (278.82 ± 31.58 pmol/L) (p < 0.0001), whereas progesterone and oestradiol concentrations were similar in both sexes Fluctuations of oestradiol and progesterone throughout … Read More»

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