Effect of Communication on Practitioners and Service Users

“Standing still enough to absorb the emotional impact of (service users) experiences is something that allows the movement hidden beneath the frozen state of psychological hypothermia to emerge in a tolerable way at the right time.” (Kohli, 2007, p. 180). This paper will address the relevance of Kohli’s statement above to the discussion on the … Read More»

Sexual Health for Learning Disabilities

Sexual Health For People With Learning Disabilities This leaflet is about people with learning disabilities and their sexual health. While there is considerable legislation concerned with disability from the 1970 Social Services Act to the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act and beyond, it is not always clear that the needs of this user group are being … Read More»

Interventions to Reduce Risk of Criminal Behaviour

Evaluate the evidence base for and against early intervention in the lives of children and families to forestall the development of Criminal behaviour. Methods of early Intervention After decades of rigorous study in the United States and across the Western world, a great deal is known about the early risk factors for offending. High impulsiveness, … Read More»

Knowledge Based Practice in Substance Abuse Interventions

Knowledge based practice Introduction This paper will look at how research informs practice. I will be looking at young people and substance misuse and older people and how research might inform or affect my practice. Good professional practice is knowledge based practice which often means that it is practice based on what others have done, … Read More»

Causes and Effects of Vicarious Trauma to Social Workers

Social working is a field that requires a lot of efforts and mobilization. If a person is a social worker, he/she needs to move around occasionally in order to reach people that are in need of help. Due to this, they are always going through physiological and psychological stress, that is highly associated with burn … Read More»

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse from Victim to Offender

Breaking the cycle of abuse from victim to offender. The relationship between adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) and sex offenders: A social work perspective. Introduction What evidence is there of a link between sexual offenders and ACE’s? This will look at the relation between ACE’s and childhood violent/sexual offending. Is there a correlation between violent/sexual abuse … Read More»

Mental Health Psychopathology in Generalist Social Work Practice

Self-Reflection Surrounding Mental Health Psychopathology in Generalist Social Work Practice An individual’s sense of right and wrong, normal and strange, are created by the experiences they internalize and integrate into their schemas. Often times, certain topics fail to be discussed or are painted in a negative light. Mental health and mental illness tends to fall … Read More»

Habitat for Humanity Literature Review

Habitat for Humanity Problem Statement As the Baby Boomers continue to increase in age, there is a growing need for formalized aging in place systems for changes in housing, health care, and human services. However, 87% of Baby Boomers over 65 years old choose to stay in their own homes and communities and age in … Read More»

Issues of Preventing Elder Abuse and Neglect

The Issue of Elder Abuse and Neglect There are considerable number of abuses on the elder population not only in the Canada but in other countries as well. These individuals deserve to enjoy and live life to the fullest rather than facing rough situation such as elder abuses. However, this kind of scenarios happen for more … Read More»

Planning Social Care Meeting for Patient with Dementia

Case Study    “Mr. Tom Murphy is 79 years old and lives with his daughter and her family on the outskirts of a town in the West of Ireland. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 5 years ago. He is currently attending a day care Centre. The disease has progressed to the point that he needs … Read More»

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