Tourism in the Algarve: History and Sustainable Development

Introduction The Algarve is the southernmost province of Portugal and has gained a reputation in recent years as a popular tourist destination. Visitors now flock to the region each year in order to sample the agreeable climate, landscape and culture. A plethora of modern amusement parks, leisure facilities and golf courses await the prospective tourist … Read More»

Live Interpretation of Heritage

Historic Sites, Museums and Galleries Live interpretation of Heritage Introduction Over the past few decades heritage and culture has become an important part of people’s life, especially in respect of their leisure and tourist activities (Boyd 2003, p.1). This is particularly true in the case of tourism, where the historical demand for tourist and leisure … Read More»

Impacts of Terrorism on Sporting Events

Examining the Impacts of Terrorism on Sporting Events: Focusing on the FIFA World Cup. Terrorism is now, more than ever, a prevalent subject within media discourse. The impact of threats of terrorism, be they perceived or realised, is one that should not be underestimated. While the threat of terror attacks is one that we see on … Read More»

Negative Effects of Tourism in the Caribbean

Question 1: Kincaid, Strachan and others have argued that tourism hardly benefits the people of the Caribbean. At best it creates low levels of employment, workers’ alienation, and teaches little more than servility which is compensated with menial wages. At worst, it fosters the “ethics of materialism” in a population that can hardly afford the global North lifestyles … Read More»

Motives for Festival Participation

The Motives and Participation Surrounding Festivals Introduction In this review of the literature on events and festivals, it is important to understand the motives and participation in festivals so festivals and other events know what can draw in more visitors. The articles help show that understanding the motivation of tourists is key to helping improve … Read More»

Implications for Marketing in Today’s Competitive Travel and Tourism Sector

An investigation into the implications for marketing in today’s competitive travel and tourism sector Table of content: Task 1:Concepts,principles and the role of marketing in the travel and tourism sector a)    Introduction…………………………………………………………… b)    Core concepts of marketing for travel and tourism……………………………pg.2 c)     The impact of the marketing environment on Emirates……………………….pg.4 d)    Factors affecting consumer motivation and demand………………………….pg.8 e)     Principles of … Read More»

Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka

Introduction Sri Lanka belongs to South Asia and it is situated in the Indian Ocean as an island. Sri Lanka is famous for its location, cultural diversion, weather and for historic places. This essay analysis about the tourism industry in Sri Lanka. Tourism industry plays a significant role in the Sri Lankan economy. It will … Read More»

Impact of Tourism on Destinations and Host Communities

“The tourism industry is a diverse and fully-integrated global business which brings a series of positive and negative impacts to destinations and host communities.” Tourism is a global industry, which grows every day more and more, however it brings a series of negative and positive impacts to the tourist countries as well as to the … Read More»

Resource Integration Management Process

RESOURCE INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT PROCESS   Content Topic Page Introduction 3 Product and Services 3 Enterprise Resource Planning 4,5 Scheduling 6 Differences 7 Suggestions 7 Conclusion 7 Reference List 8 1 INTRODUCTION Tourism is the commercial organization and operation of holidays and visits to places of interest.  Tourism can be domestic or international according to the … Read More»

The impact of globalization on tourism

The impact of globalization on tourism The travel industry and globalization is genuinely powerful and unique force for change across the globe. The globalization has resulted in the expanding of tourism industry which including a rise in hotel and restaurant. And globalization also has affected the culture changes. This essay will discuss effects of globalization … Read More»

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