Issues at AirAsia

Simultaneity Once the plane of AirAsia takes off, the transportation service provided to the customers is consumed simultaneously. Since there is no food provided during the service, AirAsia has made use of this opportunity to sell food and beverages. Through the selling process, it creates interaction with customers and it allows them to percept the … Read More»

Ship Planning and Hazardous Cargo

ABSTRACT This project aims to provide an insight of the container shipping industry, in particular the “mega-vessel”. “Mega-vessel” here is referred to as large carrying container vessel which is commonly referred also to as a VLCC (Very Large Container Carrier) or ULCC (Ultra Large Container Carrier). By doing research on the factors or/and constraints that … Read More»

History of Transportation

History of Transportation Transportation was, is and will be one of the most important issues of peoples life. It accounts centuries. Definition of transportation can be different, as the reason, it can mean the trip between two places, two villages, for trade, war or maybe just for journey. It can be done using air, water … Read More»

Good Driving Habits

Introduction: The paper is aimed at forming a backing about the good habits of a driver. It explains the combination of driving practices and actions of which a driver is conscious of, for forming good driving habits. People have always a difference of opinion on what is good or bad. This applies at the driving … Read More»

Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL)

ORIENT OVERSEAS CONTAINER LINE (OOCL) 01.BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF OOCL. Container shipping is most popular types of merchant shipping over the world. Due to size, use, and accessibility, it is famous and convenient for transporting from one place to another place to all customers from small trader to big trader. OOCL is the leading container main … Read More»

Transportation of Hazardous Material Strategies

When it comes to the transportation of hazardous material by plane normal procedures of safety do not apply. There are very specific sets of rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to be licensed to transport by an airliner any material that is classified as hazardous. Why do we need regulations? After … Read More»

Strategies to Avoid Car Congestion

BUSINESS CASE: AVOIDING CRIPPLING CAR COGESTION 1 Case 2, Business Case: Avoiding a Future of Crippling Car Congestion Page 109 Explain the concept of connected cars. Why does Bill Ford see a need for connected cars? What does Ford mean by “global gridlock”? Brainstorm a few other ways in which an IT network could help to … Read More»

Shanghai’s Transportation System

Shanghai, with a total population of more than 24 million, is the largest developed Chinese city (by population) and arguably the most developed among the four municipalities that are directly administered by the Chinese central government. As a result, Shanghai is the economic hub of China and among the largest commercial cities in the world. … Read More»

Drug Trafficking Through Maritime Routes

Drug interdiction is a mission of the USCG and falls within the DHS. With the increasing illegal smuggling of narcotics, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is facing many new challenges. The maritime route has been an increasing route for drug smuggling especially in the “transit zone” which is between south America and the USCG  mission … Read More»

Impact of Investment on Highways and Public Transportation on Productivity Levels

Research Question: What is the impact that investment on highways and public transportation has on productivity levels? What specific areas around the world are affected the most by this question regarding infrastructure? Annotated Bibliography Rough Draft Arif, F., & Bayraktar, M. E. (n.d.). Current practices of transportation infrastructure maintenance investment decision making in the united states. Journal … Read More»

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