Comparison of Photography Perspectives

Contents page Assignment: Learning from the Past Page 1: Information and contact info Page 2: Contents page Page 3: Figure Contents page Page 4: Perspectives & photographic beginnings Page 5: Photographic beginnings Page 6: Photographic beginnings Page 7: Photographic beginnings & Photography as Art Page 8: Photography as Art Page 9: Photography as Art Page … Read More»

New Technology in Photography

Contextual review   Digital photography in the digital era   “ Design creates culture. Culture creates values. Values determine the future. “ – Robert L. Peters. Imagine a world without design. Grey, boring, seamless… indistinguishable. Focus on these three words – culture, values, future. Every nation, community and society has culture which establishes its values which therefore … Read More»

Photographer Comparison Essay: Cindy Sherman and Omar Diop

Introduction The following study will analyse and compare the contemporary photographers- widely known for their conceptual portraits- American Cindy Sherman (b. 1954) and Senegalese Omar Victor Diop (b. 1980). The works selected are Albert Badin by Diop and Untitled (Self-Portrait with Sundress), both of which feature a persona explored through self-portraiture and conceptual portraiture. Thus, the works go in hand with my … Read More»

Impact of Photography and Film on Art

Photography and film have changed our notion of art. Discuss. To explore how photography and film have changed our notion of art, we must elude to Walter Benjamin’s essay, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction[1]. Here, Walter Benjamin, discusses how art changed in the face of technology, and how state economies, … Read More»

Critical Appraisal of Ansel Adams

There is an open question that defines photography theory as much as it plagues it: does a photographer take or make a photograph? Ansel Adams’s 1935 book, Making a photograph: an introduction to photography could well be considered the definitive response. A photograph remains an abstraction, even in its most primitive state as a sort … Read More»

The Role of Standards in Photography

 Tian Xing (Bill) He Steve McCurry is a world-famous photographer who rose to prominence after his “Afghan Girl” photograph appeared on the cover of National Geographic back in 1985. The photo has been called “one of the iconic images of the 20th century” (Cole, 971) and “arguably the most famous ever taken by a news photographer” … Read More»

Development of the Digital Camera

Introduction. Throughout the ages humanity has always been fascinated by the possibility of “capturing moments” or in other words perpetuating moments of high significance and outstanding beauty. This provided the opportunity to share something that nobody else has seen or perceived. This idea has made a long way from canvas-paintings to using cameras. Cameras, in … Read More»

Canon Company Introduction – History and Culture

Index History of the company History of Logo Company Officers Corporate Organization Chart Company Business personal Business Office Professional Industry Achievements Why Canon is a Groundbreaking brand? Picture Gallery References History of Company. The company was started in 1930’s. Now this company is one of the global leaders and the best market leaders in cameras, … Read More»

Photography Representation of Reality

Introduction:- When we look into a photograph; we often tend to forget that this is not an image taken by a camera rather it’s a moment of a living being captured rather trapped forever. In china it’s a belief that photographs trap soul of a person; maybe it’s a myth or maybe it’s true also. … Read More»

Cindy Sherman Artist Biography

No other artist has ever made as extended or complex career of presenting herself to the camera as has Cindy Sherman. Yet, while all of her photographs are taken of Cindy Sherman, it is impossible to class call her works self-portraits. She has transformed and staged herself into as unnamed actresses in undefined B movies, … Read More»

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