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Developing Interpersonal Skills for Success

Developing Interpersonal Skills for Success

Reflective diary for group presentation

Working in a group with people who you have met less then six months ago is a great experience but nevertheless it was challenging. However, it allows us to use Interpersonal skills of which we have learnt within the last 3 months of the course.

As a group we all actively agreed upon the topic of animal rights. We decided to pick this as our chosen topic as we all felt very strongly against animal testing, although we didn’t let our opinion effect our research and information.

Roles within the group

For this task we decided that we would set each person within the group a role this is to make sure that we were covering every bases of the question and to make sure that we were all on task and was able to use the last week before the presentation to run through how the presentation would go and to make sure that we was keeping within the timing of 10 minutes for presenting and also five minutes for any question.

In week six we discussed what are the qualities of good team leader I.e. focusing on the team, supportive and encouraging.[1] In my opinion I believe our team leader was not a good team leader as we had some issues regarding our team leader which included the team leader not pulling his weight regarding the work load, not being organised and finally not being supportive towards other members of the group. However, to combated this we had a third group meeting where we told our group leader that we were appalled by the fact that as a team leader they were not fully focused on the group and the task in hand and was not taking responsibility for any of the work. After the meeting and careful consideration, the overall group duly appointed the strongest individual as sub team leader with the new set up of the group it allowed individuals to be well supported and grow within the task.

Meeting and preparation

As a group we all felt strongly on the idea of having regular meetings. As well as meeting on the university campus we also had group chat of which we were able to use to speak to each other if there was anything, we were unsure about or if we wanted to share any of the information we found. Due to other priories such as work and family emergency it was somewhat difficult for us to meet at the same time However, the group chat was beneficial as it allowed us to keep in contact with each other inside and outside of university.


Overall, I felt that the presentation went exceptionally well however if we were able to re-do the task again I think that as a group would make sure that we decide on who was sub-team leader before hand as the issues regarding our team leader set us back a bit However, the conflict in the group was a learning curve as it allowed us to discuss our own individual goals for the presentation.

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1)      Sherrie Scott, ‘The 10 Effective Qualities of a Team Leader’ (Chroncom, June 28, 2018 ) <> accessed 1st January 2019

[1] Sherrie Scott, ‘The 10 Effective Qualities of a Team Leader’ (Chroncom, June 28, 2018 ) <> accessed 1st January 2019

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