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Effect of Market Structures on Business

Effect of Market Structures on Business


There are diverse categorizations of markets and the structure of a business which denotes in which categorization it will descend into. Markets are separated as per to the business what it offers to the precise market. Structure of Business is established by the composition of market characteristics, and these aids to establish level and region of competition. The features in a market with the majority concentrated center on the numeral of purchasers and retailers, plane in which a product has a substitute, entry and exit easiness price, and the elevation of common dependence. These constituted variables are categorized in the subsequent market structures: perfectly competitive markets, monopolistically competitive markets, monopolies, and oligopolies (Colander, 2010). This paper is going away to talk about regarding the variety of market structures that will assist the local mayor recognize the structures of the several businesses in the city.

Market structures

Consecutively to recognize the diverse market structures, every structure requires being defined and discussed. The primary structure to be conversed is about perfect competition. This is a perfect structure that does not actually subsist in the real market, however; is used as a hypothetical model to evaluate additional structures to. Perfect competition is prominent for its elastic demand perfectly curves. Goods Price is like that the firm will simply construct normal profits (zero economic profits) in the extensive run. There is open entry and exit into the market in a market of perfect competition. Instances of a perfectly competitive market would be gas and milk. There might be a lot of suppliers of products, and if one dealer desires to raise their price superior than the price the market establishes, consumers will go away somewhere else to acquire the thing in need. Additional traits could comprise: no barriers of entry and exit, profit maximization, zero costs of transaction, homogeneous products, and ideal factor mobility.Devoid of the restraints of exiting and entering the market fresh businesses will not have an effect on the homogenous product market. At a clearing price of market a firm would be competent to put up for sale as much merchandise as it prefers while creating a profit. This might denote that there is equilibrium of market. With standard revenue superior to average cost the curve of demand will continue to be elastic.

A monopolistically competitive market can be described as having a abundant amount of equally manufacturers and customers, customer’s inclinations for buying products is recognized; endurance in this locale consists of the seller endeavoring to differentiate specific products from competitors. A monopolistically competitive market might continue restrictions with entry and exit, the market is fundamentally assorted in nature, and a market of this might direct to the enhancement of non-price competition. Monopolistic Competition elucidates an industry compiled of a huge number of sellers. Each one of these sellers tenders a distinguished product, which is a service or good that has genuine or expected traits that are diverse from those of additional goods or services.[ Amacher (2011)] This is to pronounce that the similar product is being tendered even though it is revealed to be enhanced or better to the competitor products. A big example of this might be gas stations. Although Chevron and Texaco are revealed as having better fuel owing to the cleaning additives owned inside the fuel, Aragon, Shell, and also Costco tender fuels with the similar quantity of detergency at a lesser price.

The subsequent market structure is of an oligopoly. Oligopoly is a structure market that manages a product and is controlled by a minute number of firms that operate on one’s behalf. Prices positioned on products by each firm comprised are close up to matching since if one firm endeavors to alter the price, this will source further firms to do the similar thing. A major characteristic of a market structure of oligopolistic in the industry is the mutual dependence of firms.

The function that oligopoly participates in the economy is that if the firm slashes prices, then further competing firms will counterpart the reductions of price. If the firm increases its prices of its goods, then further firms will not counterpart the price raise. There are only some different firms in an oligopoly market that powers 90% or of the market. Airline industries are a big instance of this. A number of further instances of this would be companies of cell phone in addition to companies that might form an alliance like the industry of oil.

A monopoly comprises of a firm that has the throttlehold on a market. Any firm that has a structure of monopoly will have the majority control over price for its goods. The firms that function in competitive structures will have no power above their prices. Management of Price is when a firm has the capability to direct the products prices. Ownership of Public is not ordinary in monopolies and there are no takers of price. A monopolist makes certain the price for a product or service will certainly add to profits.There is no suitable alternate in this market to the merchandise being offered. Even though one may think that a product may perhaps be sold at any price enviable, which is not the case.

Monopolies will in actual fact determine the rate that sells the majority products at an enviable rate. This lets the monopoly to maintain probable competitors out of the ring while making profit above the long-run. One instance of this would be utility company. Although there are no substitutes for customers, the government strides in and offers regulation of price to make certain that rates stay reasonably priced. It is in the paramount interest of the monopoly to stay rational, consequently conservation of the business. The Deutsche Telekom Company in Germany became tremendously avaricious with their phone service. The government strides in and separated the company initially backed by the government into 6 new subsidiary companies. Deutsche Telekom lost their grip on the power of monopoly that they owned.

Market structure Real-life example

A local market structureof a real-life example is the bakeries in the city. Even though there are 3 bakeries to select from, they all seize alike prices and the products are substitutable crosswise one another. This is an instance of a monopolistic competition. The market can with no trouble be moved in and out of and every firm is contending to sell the similar product as if it is superior or unique to the other.

High entry barriers

High end barriers renders to the subsistence of elevated start-up costs or additional hindrances that avert fresh competitors from effortlessly entering a region of business or industry. Barriers to entry benefit existing companies previously working in an industry since they guard an instituted company’s revenues and profits from being carved away by fresh competitors. (Investopedia, 2013) An instance of this barrier would be a Credit Union. Consecutively to approach into the banking business, there requires being a considerable backing of cash together with the building capital, security systems, a vault, and the capability to contend on the open exchange market. In addition the capital barrier those positions in the means of such a business, there are as well official restrictions inflicted by the government. In additional firms such as in avionics, there are intellectual property and patent laws rights that might position as a high end barrier.

Competitive pressures

With high barriers of entry a number of the competitive pressures to markets are the capability to lessen the product price so low that a forthcoming firm cannot contend. There might as well be incidences of validity and consents to operate. A lot of monopolies support government officials which in turn aid to guard the firm by rejecting needed lawful documents and permissions to contend in the business.

If a firm start-up were to effort to approach into the industry of airline they would not merely have to surmount the several millions of dollars required to sustain the jets, operating costs, and pay roll, however; they would as well require to have admission to terminals and be in conformity with the FAA. If they are not awarded sanction access through the FAA then they will by no means be competent to function and establish contending in the market. If they direct to sever through all of that, then the bigger airlines merely lesser the costs forcing the start-up firm into liquidation.

Price elasticity of demand

The demand of price elasticity in every market structure and its outcome on pricing the products inside the market’s structure diverge crosswise each market structure. Much or the cause is owing to competition and the proximity of substitutes accessible. For example a monopolistic competition has an demand of elastic against inelastic. This is since there are a lot of competing companies promoting the similar items.

Consequently if the demand continues the same, however; one company lessens the rates severely, then that company will sell a great deal additional of its items even as the respite suffer sales. The price shifts crosswise the board in an oligopoly market all the way through the small number of companies that direct the market. All prices vary together comparably a great deal like an airline industry.

If a cartel is structured, then the item turn out to be even additional inelastic. This is apparent with OPEC. In spite of whether or not the oil price rises or falls, the fuel demand will continue comparatively the same. A monopoly is as well additional of a structure of inelastic market. This is owing to the lack of competition. On the other hand, if not the firm is selling a total necessity, the price cannot be driven to irrational amounts as profit of long term will crash. There will be an equilibrium initiated that lets the firm to vend the items at a position that will make the most of profit over the continuing of the company.

Role of the government

The government roles have an effect on each of the market structure’s capability to price products in the course of numerous angels. One such way is the tax that it might place on a product for instance a sin tax. This tax is shoved from the firm to the buyer thus elevating the price of the product. If the item is elastic then the demand above the long-run will reduce.

An additional way that the government influences each of the market structures capability to cost items is to inflict regulations on equally the manufacture and cost of an item. Farmers countenance this predicament for items for example wheat and grain. Even as they are proficient to grow far extra bushels a year, the government controls the quantity grown consequently as not to overflow the market out. This assists in regulating the price of goods diagonally the trade markets.

Effect of international trade

International trade have an effect on every market structure by regulating the quantity of a item that penetrates into one nation from another and with any tariffs initiated unto the item incoming into a country. Limiting the quantity of an item that is permitted into a nation is recognized as a quota. A quota will control or throttle the quantity of the item which is the identical as restricting supply. In view of the fact that supply is lesser the price of demand will raise. This denotes that the customer eventually ends up paying a great deal more for a desired good as it turn out to be additional restricted and desirable. Tariffs are initiated on goods as they flood in and do not control the quantity of an item. A fraction of a tariff will approach back as income for the government. Even though several price increases would ensue to the consumer, the elasticity of the item would not be as rigorous as the supply and demand level would stay constant. [Hubbard, R. & O’Brien, A. (2010)]


In conclusion this paper has dealt with a variety of structures of market that will aid the local mayor recognize the structures of the lot of businesses in the city. The subsequent structures of market were dealt: monopolistic competition, perfect competition, monopoly and oligopoly. For each one of these topic structures of market characteristics were discussed.

A real-life market structure in the local city was recognized with relative to the market characteristics. Subsequently, the paper discussed how high entry barriers into a structure of market effected profitability of long-run of the firms. Pressures of Competition that are existent in markets with high barriers to entry were clarified. Then the paper conferred the price elasticity of demand in every market structure and its outcome on pricing of its items in every market. Subsequent to that an explanation of how the function of government affects every market structure’s capability to price its items was offered. In conclusion, the outcome of international trade on every market structure was discussed.


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