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Examples of Consonant Blends

Examples of Consonant Blends

The English language is constructed of many different sounds: vowels, consonants, long vowels and short vowels. Sometimes sounds blend together as is the case with consonant blends.
Consonant blends (also called consonant clusters) are a collection of two or three different consonant sounds that are each heard when the word is pronounced. For example, let’s look at the word “drink.” Both the letters “d” and “r” are consonants. When the word “drink” is pronounced, you can clearly hear the sounds of both of these letters, making it a consonant blend.
When two consonants make a distinct sound it is called a “consonant digraph.” When three consonants are combined to form a sound it is called a “consonant trigraph.”

Joining to Become Consonant Blends

Letters Commonly Mixed Together

You can become more familar and comfortable with consonant blends by examining some of the letters that are commonly joined together in consonant blends including:

  • bl
  • cl
  • fl
  • gl
  • pl
  • sl
  • br
  • cr
  • dr
  • fr
  • gr
  • pr
  • tr
  • sc
  • sk
  • sm
  • sn
  • sp
  • st
  • sw
  • tw

Many of these consonant blends probably look familiar to you since we all use words with them on a daily basis.

Examples of Words with Consonant Blends

Now that you have a firm grasp on what consonant blends actually are, let’s look at some examples of commonly used and heard words that use them.

  • Blend, bland, blue, black, blanket, bleach, blood, blast, blatant, blame, bluebird, bleak, blaze, blind, block
  • Click, clam, clean, claim, class, clap, clay, close, clash, clothes, climb, cling, clock
  • Crab, crumb, crib, cry, crank, crow, crew, crazy, create, credit, creature
  • Draw, dream, drain, dress, drone, drink, drag, dragon, drop, drawer, dry
  • From, freezer, free, freedom, frozen, frighten, friend, fruit, freak
  • Glad, glamor, glasses, glass, glaze, glee, glitter, globe, glove, glue
  • Grade, great, grocery, grueling, grape, grass, grandparent, grapefruit, grease, gravity
  • Place, plan, play, plant, please, plenty, plus, plywood, plate, plum, plumber
  • Practice, prove, pretzel, prevent, private, press, price, pride, promise
  • School, scribble, scale, score, scrap, scratch, schedule
  • Skunk, skate, skinny, skeleton, ski, skill, skin, sketch, sky
  • Slick, slack, sleigh, sleeve, sleek, sled, slot, slice, slim, slime, slow, slot, sleep
  • Small, smart, smear, smash, smell, smitten, smog, smock
  • Snack, snail, snare, sneak, snore, snake, snob, snow, sneeze, snap
  • Space, spot, sphere, splash, speak, spend, splurge, sport, special, splendid, splinter, sprout, sprain, spray, spank, sprawl, spirit, sprint, sprung, spry
  • Stair, step, stop, stare, store, stage, story, steak, stand, star, steam, stone, strike, strange, strain, strong, straight, street, study
  • Sweet, swan, sworn, swallow, sweat, swing, swim, swamp, sweater, swollen, switch
  • Truck, try, trust, tray, tree, trail, train, track, traffic, trade, trash, travel, treat, true
  • Twinkle, tweet, tweezer, twelve, twice, twenty, twirl, twist, twine

All of these words use two letters to make one sound (known as a consonant blend).

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