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Examples of Jargon in the Workplace

Examples of Jargon in the Workplace

There are many examples of jargon in the workplace. Whether it is the typical colloquial language that is heard in a café or the stuff that you might say or hear in a cubicle or around a water cooler in the office, workplace jargon is very common.

Workplace Jargon Examples

Below are a few examples of popular buzz phrases that constitute many of the most-used phrases in workplace jargon:

  • Land and expand – Workplace jargon meaning to sell a small solution to a client and then once the solution has been sold, to expand upon the same solution in the client’s environment
  • Blue-sky thinking – A visionary idea without always having a practical application
  • Think outside the box – This term means to not limit your thinking; it encourages creativity with regards to your job description
  • The helicopter view – An overview of a job or a project
  • Get our ducks in a row – Order and organize everything efficiently and effectively
  • Drink our own champagne – A term meaning that a business will use the same product that they sell to their customers. The champagne is an indicator a good product.
  • End-user perspective – What the customer thinks about a product or service. It also is an indicator of a how a client would feel after having used the product or service.
  • Pushing the envelope – This basically means to go outside of what is seen as normal corporate boundaries in order to attain a goal or secure a target
  • Moving forward – Workplace jargon meaning getting things accomplished or making progress
  • Boil the ocean – To attempt to do something that is impossible
  • Heavy lifting – This refers to the most difficult aspects of a project, as in, “Bill is doing all the heavy lifting for us!”
  • Face time – The time spent with a customer or client in person as opposed to on the phone or online
  • Hard copy – A physical print-out of a document rather than an electronic copy
  • No call, no show – An individual who neither shows up for the day nor calls in with a reason
  • Hammer it out – To type something up
  • Cubicle farm – A section of the office that contains worker’s cubicles
  • Win-win situation – A solution where all parties are satisfied with the results
  • Desk job – Term for a job that is typically confined to duties from a desk, rather than one that requires standing or moving around
  • Kept in the loop – This is a common phrase used to mean a person who is informed about what’s going on with a project or plan
  • Pick the low hanging fruit – Choose the simplest option or avenue to accomplish a task

When you hear these phrases in the corporate world, you’ll know have a better understanding of what they mean. Remember, every business and every industry has its own jargon; so, you’ll need to know not just general slang but also the industry specific jargon where you are employed.

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