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Factors Negatively Impacting Children’s Development

Factors Negatively Impacting Children’s Development

In completing the infographic, I conducted research on how important children education, health, and poverty is around the world. These are issues that the nation deals with and the struggle of other countries finding what is most important to help their countries or nations to become more developed. Children are our future and it is important to feed into their lives and help them to develop the skills needed to become productive adults and citizens. In our text, it describes to us vectors of oppression which is the makeup of intersectionality which is the idea that members of any given minority group are affected by the nature of their position. Minority groups make up gender, race, ethnic group, sexual orientation, age, social class, and part of the globe (Ritzer, Dean 2016).  We cannot control where we come from or what we develop out of. What we can control is our drive and ambition to do and to be better.

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Parents go through struggling times and because of that they feel that their children after a certain age need to work to help the family. Circumstances and situations as such would be poverty. When families are dealing with poverty unemployment plays a major role. If you don’t have financial gains it would be difficult to receive healthcare, so you’ll have to deal with sicknesses and illnesses. Primary education is a major issue. Many emerging countries do not appropriate the financial resources necessary to create schools, provide schooling materials, nor recruit and train teachers (Humanium 2019). This is a major issue it reflects the countries leadership which is the government and all its policies. The disproportionate of the money a significant portion should be allocated to the building and foundation of early education. Poverty is prominent in several countries and child to suffer because their needs are barely being met daily. There are children who suffer homelessness some live in shelters their family’s vehicles or from family to family. This cause a strain on how much education they receive. If a child is unstable it can become difficult to find the drive to go to attend school on a regular basis. The pressure has on the parents they are dealing with their level of poverty of not being employed. Or they are employed but don’t make enough to provide for the family and having the lack of a proper education plays an important role in that.

Previously, I touched on poverty and the struggle some families may feel due to the lack of resources.  When families develop from these poverty-stricken countries it is difficult to provide their child with the best healthcare. The B.C. NPD government plans to cut poverty by 25percent over the next five years. By doing this it will help over 140,000 people including 50,000 children (Little 2019). An idea that they proposed would be to raise the minimum wage to 15.00 per hour which would greatly help the less fortunate become more productive.  In many ways, it would help to alleviate the stress that has been imprinted on a society of people. With an increase in wages, people will be able to afford health care for themselves and their families. This factor is extremely important. It is difficult for students to go to school not feeling well, not able to receive the proper nutrition that their body’s need to be healthy and productive. The effect of poverty for children can be damaging deprivations they suffer affects the development of their bodies and their minds (World Band 2013). If you are sick and in need of medical attention it is impossible to grow and develop a sense of urgency for education or anything else that plays an important role in life.

Finally, education is key. There are many factors that come into play when we consider children education and the lack thereof. We first must start with the parents. Parents play the most important role in all our lives. Whether it is a big role or a small role they have a place in the development of who we are or who we might become as adults. Uneducated this day and age could be detrimental to all. It is bad for the economy and the development of global society. The highest rate of uneducated primary age children is in Africa at 32ml children (Humanium 2019). Topping at number two would be Asia at 27million. In lesser developed countries children do not have access to basic education because of health, cultural identity, ethnic origin, language, and religion (Humanium 2019) children don’t find it beneficial to their social and intellectual development why? Because in some cases education is not required. There are 10 barriers around the world that affects children’s educational plan  which are as follows lack of funding, having no teacher or having an untrained teacher, no classroom, lack of learning materials, the exclusion of children with disabilities, being the wrong gender, living in a country in conflict or at risk of conflict, distance from home to school, hunger and poor nutrition and the expense of education (Rueckert 2019). Children who aren’t in school end up performing dangerous jobs and are at the risk of being manipulated by the wrong things in society such as drugs, sex, breaking the law and sometimes early death.

Children should be the nation’s most prized possessions because they are our future. There are many negative factors that affect a child’s education but an increase in education can positively affect one’s perspective on life. It should be a basic human right to have proper education, finances, and good health. By investing our money, time, and commitment to education, health and destinations will develop and become more powerful and knowledgeable.


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