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Importance of Sharing Information in Healthcare Organizations

Importance of Sharing Information in Healthcare Organizations


Relating and sharing knowledgeable information is critical in the success of any organization, particularly in today’s modern health care industry. In the health care field, employees are required to connect with an ever-widening array of coworkers, clinicians, other healthcare facilities to coordinate patient care, and also further communicate to government agencies and media concerning health trends. Not only does the health care workforce depend on effective communication to give excellent medical care to patients, but also patients uses information to manage their health care needs. Fatal medical errors can put a patient’s life in critical condition if clinicians fail to open the lines of effective communication. This is paper is about which organizational model being used at my current job, how knowledge is shared or engage employees in the formulating of problems to solutions, techniques that have been most effective and proven ineffective for sharing ideas and information, the modification of applied techniques in a health care environment and the effects of technology in this process. Organizational model Organizational structure is an effective technique that is used to relate important information within and outside the organization. A combination of functional and matrix structure is used at my current health care organization. Functional and matrix structure streamline and determines how communication flows from one level to another within the organization. This is a necessary structure because of the large range of services provided and the corresponding vast array of administrative and support services that are needed to enable the delivery of medical services. This structure offers key advantages, such as specific divisions of labor, ensure communication, assignments, evaluation of tasks are carried out in a linear command and controlled environment, and clear lines of reporting and accountability (Buchbinder, 2012). Furthermore, functional organizational structure has exceptional benefits such as the effectual use of information between departments, allocation of tasks, educational training, and working in team collaborations in resolving issues at hand.

Sharing of information

The sharing of information in my currently organization is through various communication channels such as face-to-face, emails, departmental meetings, memo’s, written communication, team briefings meetings, intranet, office communicator text system, patient portals, telephone, website and newsletters. Furthermore, staff members are involved in formulating solutions to problems through team collaboration efforts for successfully resolution of issues. All these various communication tools are used in completing daily assignments and tasks in providing medical services to patients. With increasingly technology in the medical field, the use of emails, patient portals, intranet, and office communicator text system has allowed the sharing of information to flow smoothly in completing job requirements. The organizational website provides various links to information such as health care innovations news, medical videos, medical educational information, employment opportunities, blogs, news articles, etc.

Effective techniques

The use of email has become one of the effective communication techniques in the administrative department where I work. Primarily, email is the major communication channel used to relate all ongoing departmental updates, tasks, schedule of meetings, and memo’s. This allows management to keep all staff updated instantly on current issues concerning workflow and any other employee issues addressed. Email receipt and read acknowledgement feature allows management to receive feedback of confirmation that the staff received and read email. When an employee is out of the office or away from their workstation, emails will remain unopened until read by recipient. Face-to-face communication technique is another effective communication channel used to communicate to employees to confirm understanding of what is being communicated. Regular staff and team meetings are also another technique used to communicate new policies updates and other organizational announcements.

Techniques proven ineffective

Although there are effective techniques within an organization, there are also proven ineffective techniques of communication that affects the healthcare industry in attaining organizational goals. Many hospitals are facing increase challenges to meet the communication needs of an increasingly diverse population (U.S. Department of Health & Health Service, n.d.). The health care industry is actively taking steps to address language diversity needs of patients to be able to apply effectively communication.

Although surging, the use of patient portals as a technique in communication has proven ineffective. Not all patients understand medical terminology or language and therefore do not provide feedback after receiving communication about their health. Another ineffective technique is the use of telephone message to leave employees or patients vital information needed to provide care. Most people do not check their telephone messages regularly and may miss important knowledge being communicated. The working environment can be tensed and negative if the right communication technique is not used in relating information.

Applied Modification

The reason why communication breakdown happens is found in communication blockage by teamwork malfunction, communication skills that are not trained and standardized, and problems occurring when handing off patients (Jae Young Lee, 2013). The use of telephone phones to communicate patient medical information among clinical staff and also with patients can be modified to improve productivity and provide better health care services. Many patients and family members file complaints concerning unanswered phone services when trying to reach the health care organization for their medical and financial needs. Clinicians, and all health care workers barely answer their phone nor return calls in a timely manner because of the nature of their demanding jobs. There phone system should be modified to link up with new computer technology that will allow phone messages to be converted into email notifications, indication urgency status. The medication will help in returning all of phone calls in a timely manner and resulting in the improvement of the overall medical care given to patients.

The effect of Technology

Technological innovation is increasing in the health care industry and promoting effective communication channels in providing excellent health care to patients. Improved communication techniques by modern technology such as the patient portal, emails, social media networking, organizational intranet, Internet, and cell phone usage has affected the process positively in the health care system. The use of effective communication is essential in providing overall medical services and patient safety.


In the health care organization, effective communication stimulates information and understanding amongst clinicians, administrative staffs and patients. It is essential to use proven effective communications channels such as face to face, email, patient portals, staff meetings, internet, social media networking to promote excellent work flow in giving the best overall medical care services available to patients. Moreover, the modification of ineffective communication technique will also help resolve break in effective communication and remove negative implications and errors in the medical field. Moreover, the increase use of technological innovation in the process of communication techniques promotes excellent clinical and administrative teamwork, safe guard patients in the providing of medical services.


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