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Information communication technology

Information communication technology

“Resistance is Useless”


Today’s world or society is changing very fast with the help of ICT (Information Communication Technology). Everyday new technologies were developed to simplify the every days work, but there is a resistance to accept those new technologies among people. This is because of many people doesn’t like the “CHANGE” because they don’t like being changed. When change comes it brings resistance and fear to cope up with that or lose something valuable. Even many people could not understand how to use those new technologies or equipments. Many People have natural tendency to stuck with the way of work with whom they used to ,They often change and have faltering to change the way of work or equipments, Some people could not afford to adopt new technology or there is no support to demonstrate the way of  using new technology. In medical field every day new technique or method or equipments were introduced but many physician, nurses and medical personal  does not adopt these new technologies instead they continue working in there conventional way. New technologies are invented to reduce the work load as well as significantly improve the patient safety, patient satisfaction in the heath care system and also improve the hospital efficiency. As a example most of the hospital introduce the information database system where the hospital store all the information about the patient’s medical records, doctors information and all the staffs information about their education, salary, training etc.

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In medical field or can say in eHealth the amount of resistance for the new technologies or equipments are much larger than other fields. In eHealth new technologies or methods are for better health care and lowered the healthcare costs, but physician, nurses and medical personals are hesitated to adopt these at first time because they came from different background. Even sometime the researchers or developers in medical technologies run out of budget or get budget to go or pass the research stage because of medical personal are unresponsive to those technologies or equipments.


  • What are the factors while designing a system?
  • How a new system or technology will evaluate?
  • What are the ways to convince the people or the organization staffs who will to use this system or technology?
  • How would an organization introduce the new system or technology and prepare their employees to get the most of the system?
  • What are the reasons behind these resistances to new technology and methods in health care?


  • Lecture 4 (slide 46,48) advantages & disadvantages + Slide 32-37 (for evaluation)
  • Slide 8 focusing on benefits
  • Slide 24 – slide 30
  • Old people are pessimistic of new technology for usability inconvenience…


It can be said that resistance is useless. Resistance is the biggest obstacle in developing new technology.  Not only resistance always create problem there are lots of other factor involving to create problem to develop new technology both in medical sector as well as in other sectors. Most of the people have natural tendency to create resistance to the new things because they have fear to change the way of doings jobs. In other since resistance is useful to some extent it helps the developer to develop the new technology in more efficient and user friendly way, So that the end user can get the most of the system. It is more important to have in mind while developing new technology for whom they are developing, in which situation and context the user will use this tools, As well as which task it will solve otherwise resistance will always come to adopt the new technology.


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