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Introduction To Sex Education Children And Young People Essay

Introduction To Sex Education Children And Young People Essay

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Have you ever made some questions like What are the differences between a boy and a girl. or Why you have special feelings when seeing a very hot girl, boy. For sure, not all of you ask yourself something like that? And I still remember how shy my primary teacher was when I asked her how I had been born. These above questions seem so simple but not everyone can answer it because of the shortage of sexual knowledge. In fact, sex education in Vietnam has not been a key point in social education. That is also the reason why the rate of adults who have trouble with sex and love are increasing. “Sex” is a sensitive issue in Vietnam nowadays. Most of Vietnamese people are too shy to mention to sex; however, there is a deviation in sexual awareness among Vietnamese young. As the results, sex education should be approved to teach at Vietnam High schools in attempt to curb problems such as teenager pregnancy or abortion.

II/ Body:

According to Avert Organization, “Sex education, which is sometimes called sexuality education or sex and relationships education, is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimacy. Sex education is also about developing young people’s skills so that they make informed choices about their behavior, and feel confident and competent about acting on these choices.”. It is also said that sex education is a book-guide closing to human’s sexual activities like reproduction, emotion, birth control … Providing this one is the way we dedicate to teenagers the right information about matters which have an enormous impact on their.

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From modernly Western to mysteriously Oriental, sex education had been mentioned in many forms: direct or indirect, official or in-official, all of it demonstrated that our ancestor initiated sex education like an essential “subject” not only for teenagers but also for adults as well. Because of the fact that Western countries preceded one step on this issue, they have had an open point of view for this one. On contrast, both Asia area and Vietnam, sex education is something new and strange as the cultural conception. From this result, it is definitely that this topic is rarely appeared on mass media or newspaper, even more being ignored. This viewpoint was backward, and not had the good fit for present with so many changes. On my opinion, sex education will be the key to handle some issues on young people.

In generally, sex education provides the embrace knowledge on safe sex or birth control. “Implementing Sex Education” pointed that sometimes, people mistakenly believe sex education refers only to sexual behavior (e.g., sexual intercourse) and not the full array of topics that comprise sexuality. These include information and concerns about abstinence, body image, contraception, gender, human growth and development, human reproduction, pregnancy, relationships, safer sex (prevention of sexually transmitted infections), sexual attitudes and values, sexual anatomy and physiology, sexual behavior, sexual health, sexual orientation, and sexual pleasure (Anonymous1,n.d). It is necessary to understand about our sexuality, accomplish sexual health, and identify accurately like a part of our person. However, this receiving knowledge process will take a long time from being born to grow up. Parents and primary teachers take responsible as the first educators to provide the youth a progress and developmentally appropriate sexuality education. Ideally, sex education in school is an integrated education process that builds upon itself year after year, is initiated in kindergarten, and is provided through grade 12. For example, a 2004 study carried out by National Public Radio demonstrated that more than 90 percent of parents give sex education at schools. It also proved that the significantly of parents detected that sex education subject in their children’s school were either very helpful or somewhat adapt to their child in cope with sex (Anonymous1,n.d). As many reasons this concept has not been focused because people thought children better need to concentrate on study than this issue, and the impact of one is not relevant to their life. This backward thought drive to the popular fact: almost children do not see exactly about their body or their physiology and sometimes they can act by rationally natural. Danger to life, even more get to seriously wound appears at lots of case. Therefore helping children on sexuality play an important role on sex education.

Well-educated from guardians make children more confident and control their attitude better. Sex education prevents the high rate of HIV, STDs inflection by intercourse neither. According to the statistics from PPFA (2012), teens are more sexually active now than before “twenty-five percent of all girls and thirty-three percent of all boys have had sex by the age of fifteen. This is a very young age, and by age seventeen the statistics have grown to seventy-five percent of all girls and eighty-six percent of all boys” (Anonymous, 2012). The same unbelievable information was researched by Institution of Population and Family pointed that the abortion rate at young women (from the age of 15 to 19) approximately 30 percent on overall, ranked 5th on the world (Giật mình vá»›i tỉ lệ nạo, phá thai cá»a học sinh, sinh viên, 2012). Potentially, schools provide a key opportunity to reach large numbers of young people with sex, relationships and HIV education in ways that are replicable and sustainable in resource-poor settings. In many countries, young people will become sexually active while they are still attending school, making the setting even more important as an opportunity for the delivery of sex, relationships and HIV education. There are currently nearly 12 million young people in the world living with HIV. More than half of these young people are female. There are an estimated 2.3 million children (below the age of 15) living with HIV worldwide. With access to treatment, HIV-positive children can expect to develop into healthy adults who, at some point, will start having sexual relationships. “For an HIV-positive young person who has never bene¬ted from education programs about sex, relationships and HIV, these kinds of programs – which assume all students are HIV-negative – will not suf¬ce. Furthermore, the implicit and pervasive assumption that all students are HIV-negative can render invisible those who are living with HIV or AIDS. It may also inadvertently increase stigma through the creation of an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality” (UNESCO, 2007). Finally, approved sex education at high school is the way we protect our future generation.

Some opposition view argued that teaching sex education is somehow we bring grist to children’s hands. However, psychologist Hong Ngoc Do said that the misunderstanding of our education system is passive-psychological and to entrust for school and scare of being naughty. We get better of giving instruction to have right path than let them mislead (Hoai Nam, 2012).

III/ Conclusion:

It was hard to decide on what argument I am going to write about for this essay. There are many interesting arguments I have searched. After thinking about it, sex education might be a good topic. Teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is very rampant in Vietnam.

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