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Is online education good or bad?

Is online education good or bad?

What is your experience in traditional classroom style of teaching?

In traditional style of teaching all of us have a fabulous classes. The way we have traditional classroom course of study, we can also have online course of study or pursue online education. Furthermore using the online course of study to traditional course of study doesn’t make it good or worse.

Online education helps students in raining both quality and quantity interaction among the peers. This kind of environment helps students in their academic growth and helps them in active participation. They can energetically take part in all the discussion in their class.

With respect to the traditional classroom style of teaching only a group of few can take active participation in the discussion while other have to remain patient. While in online education voice of every student can be perceived. In online education students get more time to gather extra information and consider their classmates views. This will help student in directing towards supreme quality comebacks.

Another benefit is the potential to make possible peer analysis-

Scholars can share their useful knowledge and beliefs with their batch-mates which can become a useful instructional strategy for them. It is easier to maintain a peer review in an online classroom with respect to a traditional classroom. In a traditional classroom style of teaching students require to get hard copy of their work and dispense it among their classmates and them require exchange feedback and get reviews somehow.

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