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Last Supper By David Lachapelle Analysis Art Essay

Last Supper By David Lachapelle Analysis Art Essay

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I am going to analyse the image taken by mentioned artist above. The essay will cover wide range of descriptive language from focus, light, depth of field, contrast ET all. In other words I will try to give an accurate detailed description of the image. The series of Jesus is a homeboy demonstrates God on rough urban streets and in the neighbourhood between homeboys .Except for one white looking guy who is Jesus.

The author composition of the image is to draw viewer attention to the table and the Jesus sitting in the middle but not only because straight away your eye going to the source of aureole light and Jesus face which is focal point in the image. Further the photograph is staged we can see Jesus and young people in modern settings sitting around the table but all of their faces looking at Jesus as to some discussion is going on there. Also Jesus open hands lying on the table symbolise peace and hope for the subjects around. In fact only males are represented that creates the diversity and a sense of the corrupt company that was kept by Jesus .As well the wooden floor makes the room looking homely also the roses in the left back corner of the frame are showing us there is a life and fact that they are kept in water shows that this people do care. Even they had problems in the past they are still preparing to go in right direction. Moreover there is also a sense of exploration that engages the viewer .We could look at the image over and over again and each time we will find something new that or evokes a different story based on what mood you are in when you approach the piece. Certainly we can see a mystery or curiosity, confusion or excitement or suspicion or scandal also social engagement and claustrophobia.

Either the lighting in the image is artificial mainly coming from above of the subjects but also behind Jesus head, they are three high watt neon bulbs on the ceiling as you can recognise in the left window behind. Along the light looks diffused as you cannot see any shadows on the wall. Generally the top part of the image is lighten the most through the lights you see a fly traps hanging from the ceiling what shows that the moment is situated nowadays but not only that is helping you recognise what is the time line. In particular we can recognise the modern urban society by the way they dressed or their body language plus the burger and the beers across the table. We see that mostly they are coming from criminal activity background as they having tattoos all over their bodies. Again we would say that there is another light set up in front of the subject because their faces are lighten from the side. To look at this another way the light composition create bright rather cold atmosphere. The photograph allows us to guess a time of the day which is a night time regarding to the lamp post recognize in the left side window. Differently the texture is eye catching colourful and inviting the walls covered in light brownish patterned wallpaper creates a clear open space but at the same time amount of people in the room makes you feel claustrophobic. The table cover texture feels smooth and is patterned too also colourful because of the light falling on it. Similarly top of the table surface value is smooth rather the bottom part where the shadows area of the table looks glossy in highlights but overall is looking like a cloth texture .In addition the darkest value of the photograph is in the left corner slightly going through the foreground when the lightest value is the very top part of the image the same as the Jesus aureole bright light.

Appears to that the camera angle is lower than the eye level and the viewer is looking straight on the focal point already mentioned Jesus then the eyes following to the one side then to another carefully watching the subjects sitting around the table. The artist angle of view make the viewer feel like the image is directly trying to jar our minds to rethinking make us aware of something. Furthermore the camera is placed in front of the subject and the vantage point is right in the middle of the frame. What is more the focus is sharp through the foreground and getting soft focus while you are reaching the background. The edges of the subjects are gentle because author using selective focus by changing the aperture setting. The author placed the subjects and the lighting in the boundaries of the frame. In view of this it is really making the image looking narrow its pushing the viewer to look straight first and creates lines in triangle shape reaching the focal point.

Then the setting and its physical surroundings looks real as we can notice the windows and opened doors, walls with wall paper on a furniture which is adding to it. Notably the house does not looks care about as seems to be just exist than being lived in by people maybe it is just the meeting venue rather than a family home. The subjects are not surprised that Jesus appeared possible because they were expecting him to come and help them or answer the questions they might have about their future. Besides the girl in the door is looking up also holding her hands up in the air like she is praying for something important the expression on her face make us feel helpless and the fact that she is just only one female in the room. Although she looks like she was not in the room from the beginning because the fact that she is between the door and situation so she appeared after everybody else. Unsurprisingly artist use a colour to achieve many effects on the viewer because it is giving a sense of mood and place also time of the year. When the viewer moving his eyes around the composition colour creates a sense of space on a flat surface which is the image. If for example the image would be in black and white our interpretation might be completely different to the one we see in colour. Either the colours in the image are saturated and wide range of them making us engage the relationship between subjects and what we see. Moreover we also can see the bowl on the floor with water in the bottle next to it. Artist try to recreate the Christ’s last meal from Bible but in a modern way as for the water is present for Jesus to wash his feet after.

Regarding to the bible the wine represents Gods promise in blood poured out in a humankind sin. It means that we have to self-examine ourselves and participate in body of Christ but instead the subjects are drinking beer and eating burgers and that is what the world came too. Therefore our interpretation shows that Jesus spent time with people from the street, hustlers because he feels comfortable and empathised with. The Bible interpretation of the Last Supper was considered blasphemous but is when Jesus actually pulled his believe for the people of the street. In a way that is why they are wearing modern clothes and they are in modern settings because this is the scenery would look like if we could get a second coming. Overall the majority were a shady characters as are we at best but many people do not notice that he tells this stories after when ”good people” were questioning him. They are surprised that how he could spend time with this characters and dine with them. In short maybe that is the place where he found open hearts and room to rest. Jesus is giving to poor understands them help them he says we all should be the same the more we give the more satisfaction from life we receive.

For if you give, you will get! Your gift will return to you in full and overflowing measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, and running over. Whatever measure you use to give — large or small — will be used to measure what is given back to you.” (TLB, Luke 6:38)

“Don’t judge other people, and God will not judge you. If you judge other people, you will be judged in the same way you judge them”.

Matthew 7:1-5 (ERV)

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