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Nutrition Plan for Tennis Player

Nutrition Plan for Tennis Player

Nutrition Plan for Tennis Player



Primary Energy System

In order to accomplish the current assignment, I have chosen the game of tennis. Tennis is a versatile game that includes a variety of physical skills in order to play the game. In tennis a player needs to run, stop, turn and twist according to the need of the situation. For a successful game it is important to understand and meet the demand of the energy that is required for the game. There are three types of energy systems that are needed for the game, one is aerobic depending on the oxygen. This system is known as oxidative metabolism. Two are two other anaerobic systems that are not dependent on the oxygen such as ATP-PCR System and Anaerobic Glycolysis (Alexandros et al., 2018).

Athlete‘s Demographics

Sex Male
 Age 28
 Height 5’ 10’’
 Weight 65 kg
 Percent body fat 12.7 %

According to the international tennis federation, a sportsman needs 2500 to 3000 calories per day according to the height weight and body max index. Recommended source of energy is based on the fats, carbohydrate and proteins vitamins and hydration. When games are high in activity, athletes need a high source of energy. Tennis is a game in which a continuous supply of energy is required to the body. Energy is not only needed to start the game but also to sustain the game. The food that is required is needed to be based on quick absorption and digestion in order to get the backup of energy gain (Juzwaik et al., 2008).

Overall consumption of calories tennis player

  Percentage Calories  per day required
1 Fats 23 %
2 Carbohydrate 60 %
3 Protein 17 %

Nutrition plan for a tennis player

  Meal Required Calories Calories Time
1 Breakfast 2 ounces brown bread 140 Pre-training meals (4 hours before)
1 cup flavored yogurt 220
2 ounces egg and beans 510
2 Snacks 1 cup orange 85 Before starting meal
½ cup almond milk 90
  During Practice meal Coconut water per 250ml

2 Bananas



Coconut water after each fifteen minutes
3 Lunch 2 ounces oatmeal 240
1 cup cabbage or Spinach 17
½ cup yogurt 59
2 ounce lean meat 142
4 Evening snacks 2 ounce brown bread 140
1 cup corn 85
  During Practice meal Coconut water per 500 ml

2 Bananas



Coconut water after each fifteen minutes
5 Dinner 2 ounce oatmeal 240 After Practice Meal
1 cup carrot 50
1 cup strawberries 220
1 cup yogurt 59
2 1/2 ounce chicken meat 169
  Total calories   2970  

Tennis players need a steady supply of energy which means the players are needed to eat low quantity of food with regular intervals so that consistent amount of energy is available to the player. Tennis is high energy game and needs proper nutrition plan to meet the need of food and nutrition. Current nutrition plan has recommended high calories of food prior to the four hours of the game that is comprised of a high quantity of carbohydrates, a moderate amount of proteins and low amount of fat. This food is taken in breakfast to start a day with full of energy. Four hour duration has been suggested in order to avoid any stomach issue during the heavy activity of the game. During the training the tennis player has been suggested to take coconut water in order to restore the lost electrolytes during the game through precipitation (Zagatto et al. 2018). The coconut water has been suggested to take after an interval of each 15 minutes. The tennis player has also been advised to eat banana during the practice in order to restore the energy as bananas are a rich source of potassium and energy.  Post-training meals are advised to be high in the energy as the after game energy is drain due to practice. Therefore, foods rich in high carbohydrates, high protein meal and low fats are suggested to the athlete. The food is advised to be consumed within one to one and half hours of the game in order to deal with energy drainage.

The current diet plan has included hydration, fruits and vegetables in order to provide a source of vitamins and minerals because a proper and healthy diet must be comprised of the vitamins and minerals to meet the need for an active and healthy body. Tennis requires active and heavy exercise, as the body engages into skillful quick moves to play the game, hence there is a need of hydration to balance the electrolytes in the body. Current diet plan meets the need of the tennis player.

The tennis player is consuming 2717 calories per day. The current tennis player has 65kg in weight with a height of 5 feet 10 inches. These results are not appropriate for the said height. The ideal weight is 67-83 kg according to body mass index therefore the sports player is required to gain weight. The tennis player needs to gain weight in order to maintain his fitness. Consuming 2970 calories per day would help him to gain weight 2 Ib per week. Carbohydrates needed for a tennis player are 9 gram/kg body weight, and 2.2 gram/kg of protein. As a result, 585 grams are needed for the current body weight that is 65kg,143 grams of proteins are needed for the current body weight as well (Obradović et al., 2018).  Balanced food, and healthy lifestyle is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a active tennis player.


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