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Positive and Negative Effects of the Cell Phone

Positive and Negative Effects of the Cell Phone

Has the use of cellphones changed the way our society communicate with each other? Cell phones have turn into a main part of our everyday lives. Cell phones can have the skill to tell the user the time, provide directions, take pictures, provide entertainment and help with providing apps that can help us become healthy; and at the same time they can make it possible to stay connect to the internet without going anywhere near a computer. The user of the cell phone can be as young as kindergarten-age. There are many endless uses that the user can do with these devices. The user can use the device to look up the five-day weather forecast and search the answers to questions on internet searches using search engines. But the use of the cell phone can also uncover things to a child that they are not mentally or mature enough to know about. Adults should be aware of both the positive and negative characteristics of a child having cell phone. Cell phones have become very popular electronic they have replaced the traditional house phones. These new gadgets have had a positive impact as well as a negative impact on our society.

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What are the positive effects cell phones have on our society? Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines a cell phones as a portable phone that uses wireless technology to send and receive phone signals. This technology works by dividing the Earth into small regions called cells. Within each cell the wireless telephone signal goes over its assigned bandwidth to a cell tower, which relays the signal to a telephone switching network, connecting the user to the desired party. The ability to carry the cell phone around is the main positive feature. Numerous users have favorite to have cell phones to substitute the home phones. The devices are normally smaller and easy to carry. The reason to stick around the home to use the phone was eliminated with the use of the cell phone, now a person can travel the world while taking an important phone call without losing service. Most to all cell phones are well designed with an element that permits users to join to the world wide web (internet) without using a computer. This type of technical abilities these devices possess is in fact helpful as it allows the users to not have any trouble with looking for crucial data they need to operate the cell phone properly. Many cell phone agreements that are used today include free features. These assistances can help the user stay linked with the loves ones who are miles and miles away in distance without acquiring additional costs. Some cell phone companies will add appropriate add-ons, like caller ID and free voice mails. This is the main motivation why many users gravitate to the idea of having mobile phones and not the home phones. Also, the cell phone can provide instant picture taking. The pictures can also be immediately sent out and deleted. Parents are able to use the phone to take that amusing and pretty picture of a child or an instant picture of that famous movie star who happens to walk by. The cell phone camera can be used during a time where documentation might be needed. “Cell phones make multitasking easier. People have always done other things while they’re on the phone, but now we can talk and walk, or jive and drive, or eat at a restaurant while talking to someone somewhere else (Farrell).”

What are the negative effects of the cell phone in our society and how are cell phones harmful to your health and quality of life?  Many of the people today in our society have cell phones this range includes adults and children. Professor Kenneth J. Rothman, who is one of the world’s leading epidemiologists, said the following: “Within only a few years a substantial proportion of the world’s population has adopted a new technology that involves placing a small radio transmitter up against the head, in some instances for hours a day.” The use of the mobile device gives and accept signals such as radio frequencies to make communication promising. The radio frequencies signal from mobile device lies between the microwave portion of the electromagnetic scale. So, our countryside and overcrowded areas are covered with locations that transmit the microwave signals used by phones and other electronics for communication.  Others have also conducted studies that have shown how the cell phone can carry bacteria that is harmful to the human body. “Hospital staff cell phones can be easily and rapidly contaminated by microorganisms from the hospital environment, patients, and medical devices, since they use it for a medical dictionary, hand reference for drug, laboratory, and imaging results, and other work related issues as they deal with patients having diverse illnesses (Taher).” Documents show that using the cell phone to text while operating a motor vehicle has caused many to be killed in related to motor vehicle accidents each year. Included in this number are teenagers, who are the highest risk among this total of accidents caused by the use of their cellular devices while driving. While a lot of cellular phones come with voice-commands and the ability to not use the hands while driving, the risk factor of the use of these devices while operating a motor vehicle is not completely gone. Sexting which is the distribution sexy communications or photos to someone else, is also an issue for adults to think about before they decide to buy a cell phone for their child. There are so many things to consider before the adult decides to purchase that cell phone for their child and the idea of the child receiving inappropriate messages is just the small portion.

It is very clear that the creation of the cell phone is very helpful to society and the people in it but this creation has cause for many to find the good and the bad of its uses. Cell phones where created with a good idea in mind, but as it relates to other things created for the good of the common people many users of the cell phone are not using them the way it was created to be use. The cellular phone has endless benefits and many users have become reliant on them. The cellular phone can cause sickness and the spread of bacteria. As we can see in our society today everywhere we go, we can notice people everywhere with their necks bent toward the ground and limited eye contact eyes bonded to that tiny hand held computer screens. It is as if the world is obsessed with constantly looking at their social media accounts, uploading pictures on Instagram and tweeting about their day. This means that responsible people should be aware of the positive and negative of owning a cell phone.

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