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Promote Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour

Promote Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour

Student name: Yasmin Albadri  

Summarise the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and younger people’s positive behaviour
Evaluate how the policies and procedures of the setting support children and young people to: a. Feel safe, b. Make a positive contribution, c. Develop social and emotional skills, d. Understand expectations and limits
Explain the benefits of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children and younger people’s behaviour in accordance with policies and procedures of the setting.
Explain the benefit of actively promoting positive aspects of behaviour.
Demonstrate ways of establishing ground rules with children and young people which underpin appropriate behaviour and respect for others.
Demonstrate strategies for promoting positive behaviour according to the policies and procedures of the setting.
Demonstrate realistic, consistent and supportive responses to children and young people’s behaviour.
Provide an effective role model for the standards of behaviour expected of children, young people and adults within the setting.
Demonstrate strategies for minimising disruption through inappropriate behaviour of children and young people.
Demonstrate strategies for managing inappropriate behaviour according to the policies and procedures of the setting.
Apply rules and boundaries consistently and fairly, according to the age, needs and abilities of children and young people.
Provide support for colleagues to deal with inappropriate behaviour of children and young people.
Explain the sorts of behaviours or discipline problems that should be referred to others and to whom these should be referred.
Recognise patterns and triggers which may lead to inappropriate behavioural responses and take actions to pre-empts, divert or diffuse potential flash points.
Use agreed strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour according to the policies and procedures of the setting
Access and manage risks to own and others’ safety when dealing with challenging behaviour.
Support children, young people and colleagues to identify the situations and circumstances which trigger inappropriate behavioural responses and ways of avoiding these from happening.
Recognise and take immediate action to deal with any bullying, harassment or oppressive behaviour according to the policies and procedures of the setting.
Demonstrate ways of supporting children and young people to review their behaviour and the impact of this on others, themselves and their environment.
Demonstrate ways of supporting children and young people with behavioural difficulties to identify and agree behaviour target
Use own knowledge of promoting positive behaviour to contribute to reviews of behaviour policies, including bullying, attendance and the effectiveness of rewards and sanctions.
Provide clear and considered feedback on the effectiveness of behaviour management strategies to inform policy review and development.

Task 1. Everyone who works in the school setting needs to be aware of the policies and procedures and have the responsibility to model a high standard of behaviour. Policies offer consistency, all staff must treat the same sorts of behaviour the same and children will know what to expect. When a staff does not follow, the policy may lead confusion for children.

All staff has rules to deal with misbehaving behaviour by the children which never shout, respect children, listen, address the problem, establish the fact, use sanctions carefully.

At Drayton-green primary school, children are supervised when they are in a play time, when they are in the lunch hall and when they are lining up to the class, to the hall.

All staff is agreed to the positive behaviour promotion strategies and sanctions. To promote a positive behaviour, we all should encourage children to do their best with their learning and while they have a positive behaviour as that increase the motivation by recognising their success in which give suitable praise, writing a positive comment in the child’s work, use suitable stickers, house points, celebration assembly that include nominate who has achieved a high standard of work or positive behaviour a star of the week then an award certificate from the head teacher, this will teach children that unacceptable behaviour is not acceptable in the school environment, this includes bullying, disruption behaviour, disrespect staff, etc. that will lead to have verbal warning, detention may be given, parent informed, discipline, etc.

Task 2.

  1. Feel safe -Drayton-green primary school ensures that they are meeting the five aims and outcomes of every child matters such as feel safe and make a positive contribution. The school guarantees that all children feel safe and secure in the school setting from bullying and discrimination because the rules of the school rule are to have a safe and happy learning environment.

When the child worries from something happened, or will happen later, the school encourages children to talk if they have any concern and will ensure the child is secured and protected from any harm may cause to him also the school encourages parents to talk if they have any issue or worries may be experiencing.

  1. Make a positive contribution-Drayton-green primary school ensures that children’s views are reflected in the curriculum teaching and planning.

It’s important that parents are encouraging their children to develop their positive behaviour and relationships as that increase their confidence with everyday challenges. The school awards children because of their hard work, good behaviour, help others as that present a good example to encourage others to do the same.

  1. Develop social and emotional skills- it’s important to ensure children’s social and emotional skills are developed to develop a healthy, social and emotional life. It’s important to ensure children learn social skills in which they need to know to take turns, learn to cooperate and able to respond positively in certain circumstances as that able them to gain confidence in social situations.
  2. Understand expectations and limits- all children and young people in the school setting have the knowledge of the expectations and limits of how the school works. All children must follow the school’s guidelines that are set such as golden rules and class rules by the school. Children know that within the school they must develop the sense of responsibility for which to apologise when needed, accept other actions and behaviour, the opportunity to help others and avoid over reactive and take one responsibility.

Task 3. Consistency is imperative to achieving good behaviour in schools. The entire staff must employ the same standards. Pupils have consistency from adults, so they know what they are expecting from them and know where they stand.

If one adult tells pupil one thing and another adult tell them something different then that will confuse children about what’s right and wrong, the same as the rules and boundaries, all staff must say the same thing and the wording must fall into the policies of Drayton-green primary school.

At our school, we say, for example, your behaviour is not acceptable instead of saying you are naughty as this language is not allowed.

Task 4.  At work setting, when I am working with a year 2 group, it becomes obvious that we have certain circumstances with inappropriate behaviour on a regular basis such as children talking to each other, taking others pencils, talking while the teacher describing a learning activity, not listening to the teacher, etc. and that would be good if we keep a record of their bad behaviour situation and if that happen again, then if possible we try to avoid it, but when the child is having unacceptable behaviour again then we need to remove the child from his place and make him sit somewhere where he can only listen to the teacher and in many time we need to speak to the child to show how their behaviours are, for example disturbing others, hurt others feeling, etc.

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It’s important to make it clear to the child so he/she will not have the same behaviour.  When teachers recognising that children are behaving well and listen, then the teacher gives them praise for their good behaviour.

Once children realise they are obtaining teacher’s attention, then they will repeat having the same behaviour. If children want the teachers’ attention, then will know how to achieve it. Doing this will promote positive behaviour as B.F. Skinner discovered that it’s important to concentrate on the positives and certain behaviours can be changed and improved. The alternative such as nagging children to stop, being quiet, and sit down as that I am paying attention to children who are misbehaving.

Task 13.This is when there are situations require more staff for instance, when there is a child is dangerous, a child is behaving unpredictably and could be dangerous or when I don’t feel in control of the situation then I need to call for help because the other staff have specialist knowledge and know how to deal with them.

When there is a child with behaviour issue, then the school will have many options in hand to deal with the child such as the school may give them a warning, inform the parents, inform the social worker, etc.


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