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Supervision And Training Skills In The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

Supervision And Training Skills In The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

As per the case study the courthouse hotel is a privately owned establishment which is considered as the major hotel in the city. As it is a three star hotel it needs to control its cost so that the hotel runs on profit margin and not on the loss side. Keeping these things into mind the hotel keeps its cost low as compared to others hotels operated in the city. Only few managers and staff members of the hotel use to work once a week in comparison to a month.

As the management wants to restaff its organization they need to keep in mind certain factors as the the person should be having good communication skills, should give good level of service to the guest, well gained with good qualifications. In this case study the hotel is moving from three star to four star hotel so he needs to follow the managerial functions which will lead a organizations to high limits.


“Staffing is a term that refers to the management of employee schedules”. For many retail businesses, staffing is monitored hourly because the cost of employee pay checks is a significant cost driver for the organization. (MANAGING HOTELS EFFECTIVELY, EDDYSTONE C.NEBEL,3 EDITION,PAGE NO.159)

Staffing also says that the persons should be recruited in such a manner that the organisation should get ample level of service that a hotel wants from them in order to run on profit margins. No. of staff in the hotel is one of the main key point so that in order to run a company or organisation there is ample staff to run so that it should provide good level of service.

Staffing is one of the most vital functions in the function of management. As staffing is all about recruiting the people whenever a new hotel opens. It also acts as ongoing functions because of high rate of employee rate and management turnover. As this turnover rate the hotel needs to restaff its hotel with proper selection of employees keeping in mind that they are well trained enough to run the hotel and leads the hotel towards profits. ”Properly designing jobs staffed by employees well suited to their work is an important first step in providing superior guest service”.(MULLENS 1985) (MANAGING HOTELS EFFECTIVELY,EDDYSTONE C.NEBEL,3 EDITION,PAGE NO.159).

As the courthouse is changing his level of service and recruiting more peoples he needs to keep in mind some of the key points which need to run the hotel and to maintain the profit margin.

The following key points or staffing issue are as follows:

Training and development:-

“Training is designed to improve the knowledge or skills of the hotel’s staff “. It is obvious to train the staff in order to do the required job or say task.(Hotel operations management,david k.Hayes,jack d.ninemeir, edition 2,115,116).

As the hotel is recruiting new staff for the upcoming four star hotel he need to keep several things in mind that the employee should be enough skillfull so that he can run the organisation in profit margin and his recruitment is also depends on the qualification he holds. Training also plays a vital role in the development of the employee as the hotel is allocated to Germans there is a need of training to be developed in them that how to welcome them and the way of communication. It is important to develop the training program both for the benefit of the staff and the organisation.(supervisory management, Robert w.eckles,Ronald l.carmicael, Bernard r. sarchet IInd edition,338). In order to maintain the standard and level of service the hotel needs to give the same level of service to the German peoples and this is possible by training the staff more efficiently and making them enough skilful so that they can caters the needs of them.


The second key point which a hotel needs to keep in mind is the directing as it is a managerial function which initiates action. Its primarily means issuing instruction, assignment ,and directives (orders). “Directing also includes building an effective work force encouraging each employee to work willingly and enthusiastically towards the accomplishment of the desired objectives.”

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(Supervision: concept and practices of management,theo haimann, Raymond l. Hilgert,edition 4th ,305).

As the hotel is changing from three star to four star hotel so it needs to follow some strategies which can take them to high sky so that it can make profit out of it. Directing in this case study plays an important role as the hotel is changing his level of service as the German is allocated to the courthouse hotel. The hotel has to direct the staff in order to meet the challenge they are about to accept. Giving right direction to the employees can result into profit for the organisation. Directing employees according to the needs of the Germans can result into good customer satisfaction. Directing can also be defined as the art of encourage for the staff to work more effectively and efficiently. In order to do any task we need to have some direction or say planning so that we should know that the work we are doing is going on the right direction or not. Directing to the staff boosts themselves to earn more confidence in what they are doing and the result they want to cater to them is also on the right direction. .(supervision: concept and practices of management,theo haimann, Raymond l. Hilgert,edition 4th ,305).

Time management and activity planning:

In order to complete the task we need to keep in mind the time factor which plays an important role in doing the activity or a task. In order maintain time management we need to do a certain planning by which the task can be completed. ”working smart is more important then working hard”. To be effective or in order to maintain the time management and activity planning u need to keep some factors in mind:-

Devising action plans.

Delegating the actions needed to achieve the objectives.

Providing support and help whenever needed.

(Hospitality retail management, Conrad lashley, ed 2000, 209).

As in the case study the hotel is moving from 3 stars to 4 stars and in the coming months the hotel is setting up a plan for opening the banquet halls and room service. In order to run smooth organisation we need to manage the time factor which is very important. Doing the work in the specified period of time is what success all about is in hotels. In order to run a smooth organisation we need to manage all the activity in time. As the banquet is opening so the staff should be more specific about the time management and in that time they need to plan a activity which should be completed in the required time. (Hospitality retail management, Conrad lashley, ed 2000, 209).

2(A) Existing staff may react to the following changes in the following ways:

Overtime : As the staff requires ample amount of training in there development so they need to cope up with the skills which can run the smooth organisation. As in the case study first there was only few staff working and that only one weekend in a month. So the new staff might have problem as they have to give extra hours to there work. The problem can be the work pressure on them as they were if working for 10 hrs but now they are working for 20 hrs. (managing change, carnall,1991,92 )

Work load or stress on employees: “Changes creates anxiety, uncertainty and stress, even for those managing change. Even peoples are fully committed to change may experience stress”

.( managing change, carnall,1991,92).

As per the case study first the worker were doing their job as per the requirements but now as the new facilities are introduced in the hotel they need to give more attention to their work and this might can take them to stress and overtime in their duty rota.

Mutual understanding between the employees: If there will be no understanding between the employees there can be a situation of disputes regarding the wages as the people of the hotel which are new are not familiarise.

“Planning, organising and staffing can be used as preparatory or preliminary managerial function.”

The problem of directing can also come into this as everyone has its own way of doing the work. As earlier there was no one to tell them what the best way of doing work is. But now they are pointing out different queries that this is not the way to do the work. (Supervision: concepts and practices of management,4th edition,305)

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As if there will be no planning no organising and no proper staffing then will be no proper directing towards the work. Even more without these management problems the organisation cannot run properly and proper planning=proper organising=proper staffing= proper directing staff. Every one has its own way of working and if someone impose some thing on them then there is a problem which arises in the organisation and to them also.

Steps could a supervisor take to minimize the impact of these reactions are:

“A supervisor can change the individuals who work in the organisation.” In order to follow the managerial functions the supervisor need to follow them on the workers as if the supervisor is planning a strategy then the staff should implement it as a supervisor will not tell something else which will lead a organisation towards the negative level..(managing change 2nd edition, Christopher mabey, bill mayon-white, 165 )

“working smart is more important then working hard”.(hospitality retail management,2000,Conrad lashley,209). This is what a supervisor wants to tell his employees that don’t be in any hesitations jus ask the problem which you want to. Don’t jus do the work but should know that what work are doing.

” Planning for each organisation and time management allow to run the organisation more efficiently and more effectively”.(hospitality retail management,2000, Conrad lashley,210). The supervisor maintains the time in which the certain task have to be fulfilled and for doing so the supervisor do a meeting in which he get assured by all the worker to finish there task according to the time give by him.


After the discussion on the staffing issue and to the proposed changes the conclusion comes that the in order to run a smooth organisation we need to follow the important or say relevant steps for the profit margin. Staffing a right employee and motivating him towards his work is more important if a organisation want to be success in future. As courthouse is moving from three star to for star he need to develop certain strategies and need to be implemented.

After developing these implement on them the hotel will be running in profits in the coming future and there will be good level of service which will cater to the guests. The more skillfull the staff will be the more quick service he will be catering to the guest.

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