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The Equal Opportunity In Education Education Essay

The Equal Opportunity In Education Education Essay

Thesis Statement: The most challenging issue in Indonesia now is equality opportunity in education, especially for Indigenous People. There is the complicate problem which is faced by government to provide Indigenous People with the equal opportunity in education. Furthermore, Government has obligations to make education available, accessible, acceptable, and adaptable. Although Government has allocated 20% budgetary as stated on Constitution to improve both quality and quantity of education for people, Indigenous People can not access it properly. The consequence is that indigenous people has difficulty to take a part of development country generally.

2. Body

Indigenous people are inclusive of original tribe in Indonesia. Base on statistic, the amount of them is estimated around 2 million. Detached tribe or indigenous people will be the complex social problem in global development change while at the same time of they are urged progressively because of the alteration forest function effect; in this situation they are forced to make contact directly with the governmental and common society. Actually, Government believe that indigenous people are potential society for the aims of integration nation and development, so that is required to develop them properly, such as the equal opportunity in education.

2.1. Migrating Behaviour

2.1.1. The indigenous people are backwardness society whom live in isolated place and move from place to place in small group (Sirimorok, 2008).

2.2. Motivation of Indigenous People to Study

2.2.1. Indigenous people desired knowledge, but failed to realize their goals because their nomadic life in the forest limits opportunities for education, furthermore in order to help their parents with traditional duties (Arizal, 2008).

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2.3. Villager’s Perspective of Indigenous People

2.3.1. Custom community is often viewed Indigenous People as uncivilized and wild society (Napitupulu, 2009).

2.4. The Government Strategy to Support Indigenous People Obtaining the Equal Opportunity in Education

2.4.1. The Education System based on Local Wisdom

The local wisdom education is an education method being based on contiguity of experience (Dunia Anak Rimba, 2009).

3. Conclusion

Government have to conduct the system education based on indigenous people requirement and local wisdom. It will involve them to participate in development and encourage maintaining the culture and tradition as State asset of indigenous people.

4. Bibliography

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